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Member since: Wed Nov 26, 2003, 03:24 PM
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I'm starting to think the reason it became the fascist playbook is because the psychological profile

of the charismatic leader (malignant narcissist) means that they will always behave in an authoritarian manner, insisting that they are always right and demanding 100% loyalty paired with extreme vindictiveness for those who are not loyal. Certainly with Trump it's instinctive, not a deliberative strategy. The deliberation comes from the toadies and enablers who do study the playbooks and do whatever they can to keep Dear Leader happy.

Exactly! I tried to make the same point in a comment a couple days ago,

but this person says it much better.

Sleazy come, sleazy go.

They are a most churlish and discourteous lot.

Most everything they sneeringly call “politically correct” is also basic courtesy.

Pretty amazing that there are people willing to pay $200,000 annually

to join what is essentially a glorified memory care facility for one person.

Dropping a few paragraphs of Josh Marshall's analysis here so I can save to my journal.

Let’s remember the situation. The Capitol complex is being stormed by a pro-Trump insurrectionary mob set on overturning the results of the election through violence. At this point Capitol Police have lost control of the mob and are in the process of evacuating members of Congress to a secure location. The doors being smashed down are the entrance to the Speaker’s Lobby. On that afternoon that was the last barrier before the insurrectionists got into immediately physical proximity to members of Congress. That was the last line of defense. It’s just a few more yards once you’re past that door.

This is not only the lives of numerous Representatives, Senators and staffers. It’s also multiple members of the succession to the Presidency: the Vice President, the Speaker of the House, etc. So it’s numerous individual lives and the continuity of government itself.

The video footage we’ve all seen shows one officer inside the entrance way guarding the door. With his pistol visibly drawn and aimed at the insurrectionists beating on the door he repeatedly warns the mob banging on the door to come no further. At this point Babbitt breaks through the upper window panel on the door and is shot. The single shot proved fatal.

The foundational justification for the Capitol Police to have firearms is to protect Congress – individual lives and institution – and the orderly functioning of the United States government. This standoff clearly and immediately implicated both those core missions. Babbitt ignored repeated warnings and the visible threat of lethal force.


Marking to find this in 5 weeks or so.

This is a good paragraph:

"Kevin gave a great speech the week after that, and then he went to Mar-a-Lago and charged the paddles and brought Trump back to life," he said of Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). "That's the moment when I realized, Oh, man, this is a problem. You come to understand that when the party and party leaders talk about unity, and in the same breath, say that Donald Trump is the leader of the Republican Party, what they're talking about isn't unity. They're talking about capitulation. When under the guise of unity, you act like Jan. 6 was just whatever you want to make of it, that is capitulating to a false narrative and to a dangerous attack on democracy. I will certainly talk to Kevin if he wants to. But I don't see how we're ever going to come eye-to-eye on this until there is a recognition that we can't be the party of insurrection."

I have a real hard time believing that Trump learned something

from reading a book and used that knowledge in a calculated manner. I think it’s far more likely that Trump’s personality leads him to instinctively make those decisions. He absolutely wallows in chaos.

This is a man who choreographed an elaborate photo op for his return to the White House

after being treated for Covid at Walter Reed. There are reports that he wanted to wear a Superman shirt under his regular shirt and walk out pretending to be feeble and frail and then rip open his shirt to show the Superman logo. He probably only dropped that idea because someone told him DC Comics would certainly sue him.

I think if the mob had caused enough damage that the election certification had to be delayed, Delusional Donny would have taken that as a win and been crowing and strutting as long as he could get away with it.
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