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H2O Man

H2O Man's Journal
H2O Man's Journal
January 26, 2022

Elmer's Glue

"It seems so very hard to maintain detachment of mind in the midst of raging fire." -- Gandhi

In the past two weeks, I have spoken with a number of relatives and friends who are feeling exhausted by the harsh atmosphere of our times. The Trump presidency, Covid 19 and the vaccine, environmental disasters, and more have definitely taken a toll on society. Individuals are aware of it, not only every time they leave their homes for work or shopping. It seems non-stop, because we are exposed to it on the television and internet.

As bad as things seem -- and are -- we are going to win this struggle. This is a big one, to be sure. It's a once-in-a-few-generations type of struggle. Today, we witness some of the same dynamics from those of the past gurgling to the surface.. It is beyond politics -- it is social, it is the rule of law, the national mental health. Those last two are on our side.

My favorite phone call was from my daughter in Boston. She is now working with a state-wide program that provides support to "at risk" children. She had just come from a staff meeting complete with raised voices and finger-pointing. Being relatively new, she was quiet through most of it. Then she spoke up, saying that they were all working in a stressful environment, as all work places are currently that way. She said that to start to change the environment, people needed to be thanked for the work they are doing. More, she added, this includes thanking the cashier at the store, the nurse, the school teacher, and others one encounters.

Two days later, she called to say that she had secured the largest grant they have ever gotten, and will be responsible for how it is spent. Thus, she noted, even very good things can be stressful. I think this holds true for individuals and groups. It is often how we deal with that stress, as individuals and groups, that determines eventual outcomes.

We have some good things. Even really good things. The US Supreme Court refused to help Trump hide records involving the insurrection. This was a good thing, though the USSC has made some unacceptable decisions. It is important that we get larger majorities in both houses of Congress, not only to be sure the House Committee investigating the January 6 insurrection, but to deal with a number of important issues. We need people to put in their best efforts in this election cycle. If we control two branches of the federal government, we can deal with the horrible USSC decisions.

Some people work best in the setting of their Democratic Party headquarters. Other prefer working from their homes on the internet. Still others like going door-to-door. Some people are able to reach registered (or former) republicans, upset with the direction the Trump cult is taking that party. Others are best at getting the reliable and somewhat reliable Democrats to the polls. Still others can reach progressives who are registered independent, often to the left of our party. We need everyone's contributions this year. It's how we beat them in 2018 and 2020. It's how we will in 2022.

Now, a word about our opposition. Right now, as you read this, somewhere Ivanka Trump is worrying about the legal issues currently confronting her. If she is fretting, then you know the other satillites in the gravitational force of the Trump cult are shitting. Over 24 who have left his crashing orbit have joined to prevent Trump from becomming the republican nominee. Two republicans are planning to enter the republican primary, even if Trump runs.

Trump has lost some of the radical right, too. It's not just those who boo him when he speaks about the vaccine. Many of those arrested for their crimes during the insurrection believe Trump has betrayed them. The pardons that were promised never arrived. Those who planned the insurrection -- and not just those with the sedition charges, but those who know they may be arrested soon -- will recognize that the first one that sings gets the best deal. Do not mistake these puddles of weakness for the guys in the mafia honor their code of silence when facing a long incarceration.

And how about those members of the groups that participated in the insurrection? As we speak, they are sitting in their living rooms, in the darkness, slamming beer and wondering who within their ranks are undercover FBI agents? Informants? They are like wild canines sick with hydrophobia, still dangerous, but by mid-summer, they will be biting their own tails, and gnawing on their own legs and paws.

A suggestion: If you encounter a republican foaming at the mouth, do not engage with them. For the pack of rabid fools led by a one-eyed dog named Elmer are being sent to the pound.

I would like to thank my former co-worker, Anna Kathryn, for her message today that inspired me to write this.

H2O Man

January 11, 2022

Roll It

There are very few things that I, as an individual, have in common with President Obama when it comes to life experiences. However, we both fell in love with Michelle from the very moment when we first laid eyes upon her. Yet, I still campaigned and voted for him twice. (grin)

I have not been active on a regular basis in recent times, but not because I have somehow lost interest in politics. Quite the opposite. I do not "think" that the future of democracy depends upon the 2022 mid-term elections .... I know it for a fact. I could go on and on about the dire threat to a civil society that we are confronted with today -- but you already know this as well as I.

Rather, I'll speak briefly about what I have been focused on in recent weeks. I reside in New York's 22nd congressional district, which is currently mis-represented by Claudia Tenney. In her first term in Congress (2017 - 2019), most experts agreed that Claudia was the most repulsive and corrupt female member of the House. Anthony Brindisi beat her in the 2018 mid-term, but lost their re-match in 2020 by 109 votes.

My family and I had actively campaigned for Anthony in 2018. The candidate, his campaign staff, and the grass roots worked in coordination to remove the malignancy of Tenney from office. However, in 2020, there was a bit less focus from grass roots activists, that I think resulted in his eventual defeat. This was due, in part, to the lack of communication between his campaign staff and the grass roots. At least that was my experience.

In her first term, Claudia tended to fly under the radar in terms of serving my county. Members of local town boards -- all republicans -- were frustrated by her lack of response to their attempts to communicate with her. Indeed, her public reputation was limited to her cheerleading for Trump.

Now in her second term, she has taken something of a back seat to two others -- Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene -- although she recently went public with her support of MTG. And she has actually done some things for businesses in our district -- in fact, she is currently under investigation for illegally diverting a large amount of money to her family business.

Our candidate this year is Josh Riley. I have been in contact with Josh and his campaign staff, and organizing in our area. Josh is exactly the type of outstanding candidate that the Democratic Party needs to remove the Claudia Tumors from Congress. In the past, he worked for Rep. Maurice Hinchey, who was one of my favorite politicians. My aunt ran Hinchey's NYS office. And, as an attorney, Josh worked for a Senate Committee. One of his primary focuses has been in providing health care for children.

Thus, each day I invest time in doing the ground work necessary for the 2022 mid-terms. I know that we need to maintain control of the House of Representatives in order for the House Committee to continue its investigation of the January 6 insurrection. Indeed, the republicans are planning to put Marjorie Taylor Greene as the chair of the committee if they gain control of the House. Think about that.

I've had old friends and associates stop by my home, daily phone calls, and lots of internet activity, to prepare for this and other elections. One of the things I enjoy most is on a forum of good people who share my concerns about 2022, but have little or no experience in politics besides voting. Group membership includes people across the country who are eager to put the work in. I've been teaching what we call Politics: 101, with a series of lessons that these people find to be of value. (I keep these shorter than the essays I post on this forum.)

Despite what the media may report, or the spouting off of idiots like Matt Gaetz, our party is actually in a good position to make gains in both the House and Senate. But this depends upon people like you and I do get started organizing in coordination with our candidates' campaigns.

Let's roll!
H2O Man

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