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PatSeg's Journal
PatSeg's Journal
October 1, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg: Why is Facebook still using Kaspersky Lab?

I am familiar with Kaspersky. I remember hearing Rachel talking about him and I saw Richard Engel interview the former KGB student a couple months ago. Meanwhile, the U.S. government has banned the use of Kaspersky Lab software and the FBI is advising private businesses to discontinue using it. Possibly too little, too late I suppose, considering all that has transpired the past two years.

Today Facebook logged me out, something which has happened on occasion, but this time it would not let me login unless I downloaded the Kaspersky scanner to "clean" my computer. After I screamed "No" to my computer, I did an anti virus scan with my own software. Then I went to Google to see if this was happening to other people as well. It appears this has been happening for over two years, often with very negative consequences, including removing existing anti virus programs.

In order to get into my Facebook account, I had to use my laptop. I am not ready to give up Facebook, as I keep in touch with family and friends there, but I absolutely will not use Kaspersky software on my computer.

Here is the message I received this morning when I tried to login to Facebook:

Let's Check Your Device for Malicious Software

Hi Pat, we're continuously working to keep you account secure. We've noticed that this device may be infected with malicious software. To continue to use Facebook, you can either use other devices or clean this device by downloading the scanner provided by Facebook and Kaspersky Lab.

I did clear my cache and restarted my computer, but still can't get in. Meanwhile, I wonder how much damage has been done throughout the world with this tactic.

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