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rpannier's Journal
rpannier's Journal
December 30, 2015

Belgium and the Netherlands swap land


While Belgium will be losing a splendid piece of nature that juts into the Meuse river dividing the two nations, it will also unburden itself of a jurisdictional nightmare that developed over time as the river meandered to turn the portion of land belonging to Belgium — about 15 soccer fields’ worth — into a peninsula linked only to the Netherlands.

Over time, the area was rumoured to be increasingly lawless, a haven for drug dealers and illicit sexual escapades. Then, three years ago, passersby discovered a headless body. “They alerted Dutch authorities, who told them it was Belgian territory,” said Jean-Francois Duchesne, police commissaire of the Lower Meuse region.

In short, the Dutch could not go there because it was Belgian, and Belgian police and judicial authorities found it tough to get there. They are not allowed to cross into the Netherlands without permission and the peninsula had no proper landing zone for boats or equipment coming in by water.


A headless body turned up 3 years ago and they couldn't seem to come to a logical solution, like letting the Belgian police cross through Dutch territory to investigate. Or the Belgians couldn't build a useful dock.
Though this is a good solution and probably, in the long term, best for all parties involved

December 28, 2015

Retired Air Force Colonel Morris Davis on the Republican Presidential Candidates

"Nine candidates who avoided military service bluster about how tough they'll be using other people's kids as fodder."

found it on facebook

December 9, 2015

How out of whack is Trump's desire to ban all Muslims from entering the US

Ukip leader Nigel Farage released a statement saying Trump had “gone too far”.

When UKIP thinks you're too much, you definitely have issues

December 2, 2015

Arrested in NC, Katie Brown, who posted picture of dog with taped muzzle

WNCN just released the information that Katie Brown, aka Katharine F. Lemansky, 45, has been arrested in Cary, North Carolina. The image of the dog with its muzzle taped up was posted on Friday and, as reported by this Examiner, went viral shortly afterwards.

Ms. Lemansky now faces a Class 1 Misdemeanor Cruelty to Animals charge in Cary, where she was staying with the dog. The charge carries a fine and up to 150 days in jail. The South Daytona Police Department has been overwhelmed with requests, text, emails, and phonecalls to bring Ms. Lemansky to justice. Cary Police were able to track her down after being alerted by South Daytona police.

It is reported that she must appear in a Wake County court on December 14. The Cary police state that their "animal control officers physically examined the dogs found them to be very well cared for, which is why we did not and could not remove them from the owner. The dogs are current on their shots, spayed and microchipped. They are clean and well-nourished and appear to be comfortable in their surroundings. And there were no signs of injury to the dog's muzzle, not even detectable hair loss."


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