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rpannier's Journal
rpannier's Journal
December 25, 2017

Public want religion kept out of politics (UK)

Politics and religion should not mix, according to the British public, who want politicians to keep their personal faith to themselves.

A majority of British people believe that religion should also play a less prominent role in parliament, with bishops losing their automatic seats in the House of Lords, a YouGov survey for The Times found.

In the past year, the prime minister, a vicar’s daughter, said that “faith guides me in everything I do”, while Tim Farron, a committed Christian, faced a barrage of questions over whether he believed gay sex to be sinful, as a result of which he felt he had to resign as Lib Dem leader.


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December 13, 2017

A Quick Post-Election F-You to the following (and one non f-you)

- To the whites with college degrees that swung 57-40 for Moore. To the 57% Fuck you

- To the 32% of mothers with children under 18 who went for Moore - Fuck You

- To the 62% of rural voters who went Moore - Fuck You

- To the 4% of African American voters who voted for the pedo... Fuck You

- Steve Bannon who angrily fled to his vehicle refusing to answer questions - Fuck You

- The RNC and their chair - A Giant Fuck You. Their chair gets an extra f-you for both supporting Moore and removing Romney from her name to make il douche happy. I won't put her name because without it, she doesn't deserve it

-The Rev Falwell for claiming the Moore was a Christian and God's candidate - Fuck You

- Brit Hume and the rest of the losers at faux news for their asinine "Doug Jones is a Lame Duck Senator." - Fuck You! Fuck You! Fuck You!

- According to Politico 52% of voters believed the allegations against Moore and by an 89-11 margin they went Jones. To that 11% fuck you

- To Sen Cory Gardner (Ass wipe-CO) who said, "I hope Senator-elect Doug Jones will do the right thing and truly represent Alabama by choosing to vote with the Senate Republican Majority." - Definitely Fuck You x 1000

- Peggy Young Nance of Concerned Women for America, who supported Moore because being a supporter of a woman's right to choose is much worse than being a pedophile. To Ms Nance, "I guess the people of Alabama are less concerned about abortion than you thought." - Oh. And FUCK YOU

- To the other Peggy, Noonan, who said Jones was too liberal for Alabama - Fuck you. Even if it were a slam against Alabama still fuck you

- To Donald Il Douche Trump. I understand why you wanted Moore to win, he makes your crimes look almost pedestrian by comparison. But, you made an effort to get him elected, you ignored your advisors at the WH, you ignored the republikkan senators who advised you to stay away and Moore lost. Not only did Moore lose, but Strange lost when you supported him. - Fuck You

- And last, but not least, anyone who voted for Moore that I left out, donated money to Moore, defended Moore even marginally, spoke ill of Senator-elect Jones -- FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

And to finish... to the men and women who voted for Senator-elect Jones. To the millions of African Americans in Alabama who voted, to the Asians, Hispanics, Native, etc Americans who voted Jones, to the republikkans who climbed out of their bubble, to the first time voters who got registered and voted, to the unsung heroes, the people who worked their asses off to get people registered and get people out to vote for Doug Jones and to Senator Doug Jones and his family THANK YOU

December 13, 2017

Thank You to everyone who came out For Jones

To the African American Community... A huge thanks
Asian and Hispanic Communities Thanks
White Democrats Thanks
And to anyone who isn't affiliated and who is a Republican (who at least this time did the right thing instead of the Reich thing) as well

Trump is 0 fer two in Alabama. First Strange and now Moore

Same to you bannon

December 12, 2017

Sen Shelby and Greg Gutfeld join me

Both have said they would not support, nor vote for the pedo in Alabama
Good to have both of your support on this issue. I'll save snarky slams for another time

December 10, 2017

Company is the first in South Korea to cut working hours while maintaining wage levels

The Shinsegae Group, South Korea’s tenth largest chaebol, announced on Dec. 8 that it will be implementing a 35-hour workweek in January of next year, with its employees only working seven hours a day. Wages will not be cut, either. The legal workweek in South Korea is 40 hours, and this would be the first time for a chaebol to adopt a 35-hour workweek. Since Shinsegae has voluntarily taken this step to improve corporate culture while the Moon Jae-in administration is calling for a reduction in working hours, this is likely to have a major impact not only on the distribution industry but also on the South Korean business community as a whole.

Starting in January of next year, Shinsegae staff will be working a seven-hour day (not including a one-hour lunch break), going to work at 9 am and leaving work at 5 pm. Depending on the work involved, alternative schedules will be available, such as 8 am to 4 pm or 10 am to 6 pm. Since employees at E-mart branches are working morning and afternoon shifts, their working schedules will be adjusted to reduce their working time by one hour each day. The reduction in working hours will occur throughout Shinsegae’s 16 subsidiaries, which means the change will apply to more than 50,000 employees.

“South Korean culture is infamous for people working too long and took much, and this revolutionary innovation will provide our staff with a more relaxing lifestyle. We will create a corporate culture in which people can relax when they are off the clock and focus on their work when they are on the clock,” said a company spokesperson.

Shinsegae’s announcement is groundbreaking. As of last year, South Koreans worked an average of 2,069 hours a year – the longest work hours of any OECD member state except for Mexico. That was 306 more hours than the OECD average of 1,763. Work hours can be reduced by shortening the legally prescribed 40-hour workweek or by cutting down on overtime in the evenings and on the weekends.


December 8, 2017

Condolences to the second family on the loss of their 16 year old cat

The Pence's 16-year old cat has passed on. Pickle was 16. Pickle was preceded by Oreo, their 13 year old cat last June and Maverick, their dog, last October 2016.
Though there is almost nothing about the Mike Pence I like, the Pence family devotion to their animals is admirable, even though doofus thinks they're low brow for having pets (another reason why I despise trumpf). They still have their rabbit Marlon Bundo, who has a book deal, gotta be better than Trump's crap and a pet snake.
I wish Mike had as much concern and compassion for people as he does for animals

Not to be too overly political, but maybe their association with il douche is having an adverse affect on the animals

December 7, 2017

The Creep List should be released

I have seen several stories about a 'Creep List'; a list of Congressional reps who feel very entitled. So much so, that many female staffers will not get on the elevator or be anywhere out of public eye with these members. The argument that releasing them is somehow damaging to relationships on the Hill is BS (IMO). What is damaging is not knowing.
Sen Franken has been accused of doing reprehensible things. Is he on the list? Without knowing who's on the list someone could make that assumption.
Is Paul Ryan on the list? Schumer? McConnell? Cruz? No one knows. We get some anonymous accusations, and without knowing if someone has a prior bad history, the public is left to fill in the blanks. Meanwhile, an innocent person can be assumed to be guilty and a perverted clod can continue to be a self-righteous jerk.

Also, any pay outs need to become public knowledge. No silence. And I mean, if they ever had paid out money for criminal behavior, before or during their time. There is no right to sit in Congress. It is a privilege to serve in the US Congress and the American people. The public have the right to know who (or what) they're electing

December 3, 2017

Derrick Morgan and his chef wife inspired vegan movement on Titans

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Wesley Woodyard couldn't wrap his head around an NFL player giving up meat. So he dogged Derrick Morgan, Jurrell Casey and DaQuan Jones about their plant food for weeks.

"Y'all crazy with this vegan thing," Woodyard said one Friday night early in training camp before a Tennessee Titans practice. "I'm from LaGrange, Georgia. I'm going to eat my pork."

Before the end of August, Woodyard swallowed his pride and joined the Titans' vegan movement. He wasn't the only one. By the start of December, 11 Titans, mostly starters, were on the plant-based meal plan with varying levels of commitment.


Charity Morgan cooks lunches for the crew, and gives recipes and tips to the players and their significant others for dinner. She says she has had to turn away interested Titans' newcomers to the meal plan because she has reached her limit on how much she can cook by herself.


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