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rpannier's Journal
rpannier's Journal
March 2, 2019

March 3rd, Hina Matsuri. Japanese Festival for Girls

Today, I leave to visit the family in Japan. Wife and girls have been living there for the past year, I move later in March. But, that's for another post.
March 3rd is Hina Matsuri, the Doll Festival. Hina Matsuri dates back to the Heian Era, it is about one thousand years old and it is a day for girls. This will be their first one.

Preparations for the festival and some activities have already begun.

Hina Matsuri is a day for families to pray for the well-being and success of their young daughters. The girls will present the dolls on a five tiered platform; on the Top Tier will go two dolls, the Dairi-bini, the Imperial dolls, though they do not represent the Imperial Family (all the girls received a pair of these from their grandfather when they were born. But, we bought new ones for this event)
the Second Tier the Court Ladies (3 dolls) called the San-nin Kanjo,
Third Tier is the Go-nin Bayashi, the musicians(5 dolls: four hold instruments and one holds a fan),
Fourth Tier Guardians and Ministers (2 dolls with other ornaments) called theDaijin,
Fifth Tier helpers and protectors (three dolls), called the Shijo,
The Sixth Tier items used in the palace, seventh tier items used outside the palace.
The full platform and dolls are rather expensive (we paid almost $10,000 for a set). But it is their first Hina Matsuri and it is an important cultural event. The display will also be used every year, rather than just once.
We live in Kanagawa and there will be many events in the area to celebrate. By tradition the dolls are placed in boats and set out into the water. The girls will make paper and/or straw dolls as well and set them adrift with their friends from school. This is symbolic of carrying away their imperfections and impurities.

In addition to the dolls, Shirozake (white rice wine), Hishi Mochi (three layered rice cake), and peach blossoms will also be displayed with the dolls.
Hishi mochi has three symbolic colors: White represents the pure and cleansing snow; the pinkish-red color to symbolize peach blossoms; and green represents the coming of spring. The cake's rhomboid shape is the symbol of fertility.
Eaten on Hina Matsuri is Chirashizushi, sushi with clam soup, and hina arare a rice cracker that is only sold for Hina Matsuri.

If you're ever in Japan, I am told that Katsuura Big Hina in Chiba is the biggest and best of the Hina Matsuri Festivals. Over 40,000 dolls are displayed in five areas around the city. The temples, businesses, schools and community groups place dolls in one of the five locations. Some dolls displayed are over one hundred years old. (maybe next year we'll go)

Tokyo has the Hyakudan Hina Matsuri. The Edo Nagashi Bina includes the tradition of setting the dolls adrift in the Sumida River.

Although the event is for younger girls (about 11 and under), all of ours will participate this year because it is their first time. Prior to living in Japan, we lived in Korea, and school begins on March 1st, so we could never take them. Some of the older girls friends are participating with them. So, it will be fun.

February 26, 2019

Romualdo Pacheco

Who is Romualdo Pacheco you may ask?

First, the City of Pacheco, California is named for him.

Pacheco was born in California when it was still Mexican Territory

He was the 12th Governor of California, a Republican, he is the only Hispanic to serve as Governor of California since statehood. He was also the only governor to have been born in the state before statehood.

He served three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, the first Hispanic to serve in the House elected from any state. (The others before him were delegates from U.S. territories, and thus had no voting privileges) He was the first Hispanic Representative to chair a committee, heading up the Committee on Private Land Claims.
His first election for House was unusual, in that, he won his election by one vote. His opponent Rep. Wiggington, the incumbent, contested it. Pacheco was sworn in and sent to D.C. The recount found Wiggington the winner. He came back to California and two years later won that seat.

He was Lieutenant Governor, he replaced Governor Booth when Booth got elected to the Senate.
While Lt. Governor he was also the prison warden at San Quentin

He was elected to state Treasurer in 1863

In 1857, he was elected to the state senate as a Democrat

In 1861, he commanded the First Brigade of the state militia. His primary responsibility was to disarm all non-Union companies in Los Angeles County through 1862.

Pacheco also served as U.S. Minister to Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua -- all at the same time in 1861. Only Honduras and Guatemala would he serve longer than several months (1861-3 for both).
My what different times we live

He was a vocal member of the anti-slavery movement.
He was the go-between for Mexican President Juarez and prominent Californians in Mexico's war with France.
He was a Superior Court Judge

A couple of places where I found information about Mr Pacheco


February 26, 2019

Astronomers Have Revealed The Biggest Meteor Shower Ever Recorded In The Solar System

On our planet, we’re quite in luck if we see a few hundred meteors an hour during a meteor shower. But if you were on Mars about three years ago, nevertheless, you would have witnessed something extraordinary – 108,000 meteors per hour, the biggest meteor shower ever in recorded history on any planet.

This meteor shower was a result of Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) zipping past the planet on October 19, 2014. We were lucky to have a spacecraft in circling the planet back then, and what they observed was unbelievable.


February 14, 2019

When Animals Appear at Sporting Events (PIC HEAVY)

FC Barcelona Cat

Giraffes walking for the next hole.

Squirrel corralled at Man City. Could be a fan. He looks excited

Cat and Everton Goalkeeper

Bees in Kansas City. After the incident, Royals manager Ned Yost said, “It’s just important for the environment… in terms of pollination with all the crops.”

Kangaroo golfers

BIRDS!!!!! Alfred Hitchcock may have been right.


Mick Fanning at the World Surf League, Jeffrey's Bay. The shark is tangled in Fanning's surf leash

A dog ran onto the pitch between Macedonia FK Vardar and Rosenborg of Norway.

No he's not dancing. A bat got into the arena
February 14, 2019

Lyndon La Rouche dead at 96

The Alex Jones, before there was Alex Jones has passed on to his great reward.

February 7, 2019

Actor Joo Won (Moon Joo Won) Discharged from Military Service

33 Year Old Korean actor Moon Joo Won has completed his military duty.

Joo Won's career took off with his landing a role in King of Baking, King Takgu in 2010
In 2011 he was in the TV series Ojakgyo
In 2013 he was in the series, the Good Doctor a drama about a surgical resident with autism and a savant. ABC in America made a series The Good Doctor based on the Korean television series

February 7, 2019

There's just no pleasing republikkans

Last year they whined and sniveled because the Democrats did not clap
This year they whine and snivel because House Speaker Pelosi clapped

I wish they'd make up their mind

February 7, 2019

So Special: Na Haeun (나하은)

My daughters love her. All five of them are very talented dancers
February 7, 2019

It's time to end using the term 'racially insensitive'

It's racist.
We don't say, "Semitically Insensitive". We say anti-Semitic or antisemite
Joe Ricketts did not write racially insensitive things, he wrote racist things
Trump does not make racially insensitive comments, he makes racist comments

Why is it so much easier for people to say "He/She is antisemitic." But, it is so fricking difficult to say, "He/She is a racist."?

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