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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2004, 06:21 AM
Number of posts: 7,921

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One more from Twitter: Anomynous


As seen on Twitter - how, oh how to narrow it down?

Can someone set me straight re: Booker releasing the "committee confidential" emails?

I'm reading on Twitter and Facebook that the emails Booker is releasing had already been released by the Republicans. I had understood that one of the reasons Booker was releasing them was to show that there's no national security threat or top secret info in these emails, and to show where Kavanaugh is being dishonest in his answers, or at least not forthcoming.

Did the Republicans really release these previously? If so, why the hissy fit by them reading rules to Senator Booker, etc. today?

Thanks in advance!

On an evening walk with the dogs tonight, I told my husband that I hope when Democrats

get in power, they're ruthless. I want to see them turn the tables, I want to see fire in their bellies, I want them to - legally - do everything they can to stick it to the Republicans and Trump, if he's around that long. I want them to restore sanity to our country.

Kamala Harris is so poised, smart, and effective.

Honestly, I adore her.

Has anyone asked or Chuck Grassley why they uploaded 44,000

pages last night instead of weeks ago? I mean, I think I KNOW why but has he given a coherent reason why?

Sorry, there's no way anyone reviewed and digested 44,000 pages of information in fewer than 24 hours.

I know he's not, but Kavanaugh should be ashamed

as should every Republican listening to Senator Whitehouse. His segment should make every single news outlet this evening.

Historical question about Watergate, the FBI, the CIA, and Department of Justice.

Do I have it right that the FBI, CIA and/or the Department of Justice were implicated in the coverup of the scandal or in not properly investigating it? If so, how did the agencies recover and become reputable again? Thanks in advance!

This morning, R-E-S-P-E-C-T during Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace:


My husband just got a push-poll phone call against our Democratic candidate in VA05.

He's a recovering Republican, and he said the questions were posed like this: "Does it bother you that Leslie Cockburn supports Nancy Pelosi?"

He said, "I answered, look - I tend to be a conservative Republican, but I have no party anymore. I hate Trump. I hate what he is doing to our country. I hate the Republican party. I'm voting for Democrats."

Good job, Mr. Phylny.
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