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Kali's Journal
Kali's Journal
June 25, 2020

doc says I should be fine but is doing an order

to get husband and I vaccinated for potential future events. probably should have done that years ago. to paraphrase (I think) Fat Freddy's Cat battling cockroaches: the bastards are like dictators, kill one off and another pops right up.

March 10, 2019

a quick rural life (and first world problem) rant - The Yellow Card

I get my mail at a post office. It is 5 or 6 miles from my house and involves a minumum of a 20 minute trip by vehicle due to road conditions and needing to get on the interstate. It is open Monday through Friday until noon and for an hour or two on Saturday. Box access is open all the time. There are 9 lockers for packages that don't fit in the regular mailboxes. The postmaster places a numbered key in your box and you use it to access the locker your package is in. Reasonable system, right? If you have a gigantic package that desn't fit in the lockers or sometimes during the winter holidays when there are a lot of them, you will get a yellow card in your box informing you to call at the desk for your package (also for certified mail).

Stupid "smart" phone quit working so on Tuesday evening I ordered another (used) one. I am not overly fond of telephones, but the ranch IS a business and I get calls about various things all the time so I sort of need to have one. People get lost or want access to hunt, take pictures, walk around looking for rusty metal. There are "emergencies" like cattle on roads or fences down. That sort of thing.

Of course it wasn't delivered until Saturday, when we were working cattle so no way to get to the PO during the brief time it was open. Same company and model phone arrived in the regular mail box two months ago so I knew I would finally have a working phone by Saturday afternoon, right? Nope. No package in the mailbox. And no key. I got the yellow card. "Please call at the desk for your package."

December 16, 2018


I need to book mark that! thanks for posting!

October 22, 2018


cool documentary from one of those Lounge tangents LOL

June 14, 2018

did photobucket relent?

I now have two no pants signs in my sig line, one is hosted on postimg (formerly imgur) and one is on pb (cyberswede's account) the second had been showing the photobucket placeholder directing you to pay $400 to link images.

testing a few from my account can everybody see these? -

wow!!! I wondered why the scorpion on the toilet paper was showing yesterday.

October 21, 2017

I got a nice letter delivered to the post office . . . by Pony Express!

Over 30 years ago the nearby small town came up with an event to promote some local tourism. They call it Butterfield Days to commomorate the Butterfield Stage line that came through the area during its brief existence. One of the activities they do is a Pony Express mail run. (because doing a stagecoach is not really practical, there is rough terrain and about the only way they could swing it would be to go along the UP railroad tracks. horses that aren't used to trains might have a problem with that, and probably the RR wouldn't allow it anyway) A good part of the route goes through the ranch so while I don't do anything to participate, it IS part of the fall schedule around here.

Somewhere I have a cancelled envelope from the first year they did it, (I think my Mother had attended that year and bought an envelope to send to herself) and now this year I received one for myself as a really nice thank you surprise. I think my contribution amounted to telling them they could take a fence down to bypass a longer route to a usable gate, but nice of them to do this anyway.)

Here is a good article from last year - http://www.bensonnews-sun.com/news/article_14a42430-8a76-11e6-9c71-fbaf0fced2da.html

the envelope

the letter

Missing entry

Missing entry

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