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Member since: Mon Apr 5, 2004, 03:58 PM
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Luckovich-If trump was President in 1962


06/18 Mike Luckovich: How to make Trump you bestie.


Luckovich-We have evidence that America's enemies are planning assaults on the 2020 election!


Karma just bit Kellyanne Conway on a part of her body

I am glad that karma does work at times

Here’s the next part of Conway’s recent appearance:

REPORTER: I’m quoting the Office of Special Counsel which says —

CONWAY: I don’t really care. Listen —

QUESTION: — [inaudible] mixed official government business with political —

CONWAY: Right, blah, blah. Listen —

QUESTION: — [inaudible] about candidates in the Alabama special election.

CONWAY: Right. Blah, blah, blah. Right. I’m sorry, are you talking about something from a year and half ago? Do you have — do you have a relevant question for today? Because I’m happy to answer today.
Just two weeks after declaring Hatch Act questions to be not “relevant” because they were old, she has some fresh violations to answer for.

And the coup de grace:

CONWAY: If you’re trying to silence me through the Hatch Act, it’s not going to work.

REPORTER: I’m not trying to silence you. The Office of Special Counsel said you violated it.

OTHER REPORTER: Kellyanne, is — is Roy Moore a standalone case or do you — or should we expect —

CONWAY (turning to first reporter): Let me know when the jail sentence starts.

Here was a top White House official all but scoffing at ethics rules and suggesting this was all just old news.

Hans von Spakovsky objected to having any Democrats on trump's bogus voter fraud commission

I really dislike Hans von Spakovsky and Christian Adams. Adams got hired by the Bush DOJ when he was clearly unqualified and then pushed the bogus New Black Panther silliness. Adams was also counsel to the King Street Patriots and the True the Vote assholes. Adams and von Spakovsky have pushed the lie that there is massive voter fraud and that to stop this voter fraud we need to stop non-white people from voting.

This e-mail is amazing in that these assholes admit that they having any Democrats on Trump's bogus voter fraud commission would slow down their agenda of using lies about voter fraud to suppress the vote.
It is no wonder that trump's bogus voter fraud commission fell apart. This commission would only work so long as it was composed of liars and idiots like von Spakovsky, Christian Adams and Kris Kobach.

06/13 Mike Luckovich: Dad's losin' it


Trump is telling aides he will 'sue' Democrats if they pursue impeachment: report

I do not remember covering this in Con Law back when I was in law school

Some legal scholars, Parker notes, are asserting that the idea of a U.S. president suing Congress for trying to impeach him is ludicrous. Laurence Tribe, a constitutional law professor at Harvard University, denounced Trump’s threat as “idiocy” on Twitter and posted, “Not even a SCOTUS filled with Trump appointees would get in the way of the House or Senate.”

However, attorney and Trump supporter Alan Dershowitz (who is also a Harvard Law School professor) has asserted that should Democrats pursue impeachment, the U.S. Supreme Court could intervene if the justices believed that Congress hadn’t acted constitutionally.

Dershowitz has lost it and only an idiot like trump would try this lawsuit

trump's tax cuts aren't going to pay for themselves


John Lewis's tears over ancestor's voter card stir emotions in Democratic caucus

Congressman John Lewis is a national treasure. This story is powerful

Rep. John Lewis and several of his Democratic colleagues broke down in tears during a closed-door meeting Tuesday after a historian described the congressman’s reaction when he saw his great-great-grandfather’s voter registration card for the first time.

The House Democratic caucus invited Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Henry Louis Gates Jr., who heads the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard University, to preview a new film on reconstruction. Gates spoke about Lewis’s appearance on his PBS show, “Finding Your Roots,” researching the Georgia lawmaker’s family tree and presenting him with his ancestor’s voter card from 1867.

During reconstruction, African Americans were briefly allowed the benefits of full citizenship, including voting and holding seats in Congress.

Lewis (Ga.), who fought for civil rights in the 1960s by organizing protests to end racial segregation, broke down crying in the caucus. His tears made others cry, according to several lawmakers in the room.

Luckovich-trump's not loyal. He's on his third dictator


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