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Member since: Mon Apr 5, 2004, 04:58 PM
Number of posts: 126,720

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Luckovich-Bed bugs are objecting to infestation of trumps


08/29 Mike Luckovich: Darkness falls


trump admin says children of US service members overseas will not get automatic citizenship

This is simply wrong. trump really hates our military


08/28 Luckovich-Beware of the bed bugs


Washington Post-Opinion: Biden's heart-on-his-sleeve campaign

I want someone who is as different from trump as possible. I agree with the premise of this Washington Post editorial
In a race in which candidates are jockeying to be the most un-Trumpian candidate — whether by intellect, ideology, experience or vitality — Americans are reminded he is a man of decency, kindness and loyalty.
This is the polar opposite of a president who gives a thumbs-up with an baby orphaned by the El Paso shooting, who brags about crowd size on a day of mourning and who attacks opponents in between stops with survivors and their grieving families. Trump is entirely lacking in empathy and sincerity; Biden has a surplus of both.....

We may be in an age that is far too snarky, cynical and polarized for that message. It is certainly understandable that older voters who’ve lived in a United States that is kinder, gentler and more unified would appreciate that message.

However, building a presidential campaign based not on policy plans but on emotion, aspiration and inspiration is a very contemporary phenomenon. Bill Clinton’s “I feel your pain” and Barack Obama’s hope and change reflected an awareness that voters want more than PowerPoint presentations from their president. They want to know he or she sees, understands and cares deeply about them.


Luckovich-Trump knows how to put out fires in the Amazon



08/25 Mike Luckovich: The Chosen One.


The RNC paid Parscale Digital $7.3 million so far this year for its services."

trump's campaign manager is making a ton of money off RNC and trump donors

Luckovich-Sean Spicer-I'm History Greatest dancer, Period


Trump's biggest Facebook supporter is a Chinese cult pulling for the apocalypse

This is scary https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/8/20/1880180/-Trump-s-biggest-Facebook-supporter-is-a-Chinese-cult-pulling-for-the-apocalypse

This is not the death cult you expected. While Donald Trump may regularly count on the support of people who believe that supporting Israel means making sure that every Jewish citizen of that state is handy to be either converted or slaughtered in the any-day-now End Times, this is another group of religious fanatics counting on Trump to fulfill their world (and atheist) -destroying dreams. Until recently, the contents of website The Epoch Times have been so out there, so beyond the pizzagate conspiracy theories of Gateway Pundit and the black helicopter lizard men of Infowars, that it’s been regarded as too odd to be considered part of the right-wing “mainstream.” No more. Under Trump, all bets are off. And a group that’s willing to top the online spending of Democratic candidates to express its support for Trump is definitely welcome in the fold … even if they do want him for his finger on the nuclear trigger.

It’s easy to understand why any group looking for an apocalypse might look to Trump as just the man for the job. But not every cult manages to spend more on Facebook than presidential campaigns. The leaders of the group that is counting on Trump to begin the “Last Havoc” have now spent more than $1.5 million to buy 11,000 pro-Trump spots on social media. In April alone, those ads netted 3 billion views, making this foreign-backed group one of the top video creators on the Internet and a major player in American politics.

As NBC News reports, The Epoch Times may look like just another online conspiracy site belonging to another small cult of slavish Trump followers itchin’ for some good old-fashioned smiting from above. But this “small New York-based nonprofit” is actually controlled by Falun Gong, a Chinese religious group aiming to both bring down Beijing and democracy while cheering for the end of all things. If on the surface they look like another fundamentalist site attacking science, reason, and “humanists,” it’s because they are.

Falun Gong members have been subject to some genuinely terrible oppression and abuse by the Chinese government, so it’s easy to understand why members of the group would pull for anything that might bring down Chairman Xi and his totalitarian regime. What’s less understandable is how that translates into support for Trump, considering his refusal to call out the Chinese government on anything related to human rights, and his expressed willingness to allow Xi to have his way with Hong Kong and anyone else that is “his problem.”
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