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Member since: Wed Apr 7, 2004, 08:18 AM
Number of posts: 6,275

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What I think about HRC

I think she is doing extremely well........when one takes into consideration she is up against two fronts of opposition who have two different endgame goals silently joining forces to achieve the short term goal to their mutual benefit.

Fantasy memes and real targets

First the memes. We've all heard them. "Anointed One", "because it's her turn", "inevitable", and the list goes on. On that issue, it emphasizes the blatant dishonesty by trying, and not successfully, to convince people they were invented by Hillary's supporters to instill hopelessness in those who support another candidate, but I'm sure at this point everyone knows where the memes originated. That's what you call desperation.
Now for the targets. Whether pro-Hillary or anti Hillary, it doesn't take long for those threads to devolve into a headlong race to see who can outdo the other in what I'm sure they perceive as being clever in the smears against Hillary. (With the exception of this group)I believe she is the secondary target, and the nastiness is directed at her supporters in an obvious attempt to circumvent a direct attack. They are not going after Clinton, they are going after you. The main reason? Certainly not out of support for their chosen candidate, but out of a desire to somehow hold themselves above others morally, and, here we go again, to make others feel a hopelessness for their cause. Bottom line for me? Their entire shtick is based upon, you guessed it. Hopelessness. That's what I have to say, and I feel better having said it. As always, this post, and it's fate is left up to the hosts of this group. Disclaimer: These statements are not directed toward any person who does not fit the above description.
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