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sofa king

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Member since: Wed Apr 14, 2004, 04:27 PM
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I want all of you to think carefully about this:

Consider the following:

* The Greens are a cutout for the Republican Party. There is no doubt about this; DUers have reported on it dozens of times over the past decade and a half. Those three states tally the EVs Donald Trump needs to win. If they are vacated or even called into question, it becomes a problem.

* The reason why the Republican-backed media never let off of Mrs. Clinton's supposed violation of 18 USC 2701 is because there is a line in it which says that a violator is disqualified from holding public office.

* If no Presidential candidate receives a majority of electoral votes, it is the House of Representatives that decides. They are supposed to pick from the top three candidates in the election.

* The deadlocked Supreme Court will be unable to settle any electoral-vote issues this term, particularly not in the tiny window between the Electoral College Meeting on December 19th and the reporting deadline on December 28th.

* There is a silent fourth candidate in every contested US election, because Congress always has a silent option in every Presidential election: they can simply not vote to certify the election results.

* If there is no vote to certify the election, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan inherits the White House as Acting President, without a single vote.

I've been writing about this option all year, because almost a year ago I spotted something--can't recall what it was, now--that showed me they were considering it. This was the Republican backup plan the whole time: they were going to steal it from Hillary Clinton by retaining control of the House and not certifying the election results. Their justification was going to be that while they are not officially permitted to consider qualifications for a President which are beyond the age and "natural born" issues, they ARE permitted to do what they do best: Nothing.

Doing nothing makes Paul Ryan the Acting President. Doing nothing is what Congress does best.

Honestly, I am torn between the incompetent fool who will never understand his job, and the incompetent fool who has been plotting and planning specific ways to destroy America for eight long years. We lose, either way. But we might get to see the Republican Party kill off all the rednecks (along with all of us), which would be some sort of disgusting consolation prize.
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