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Member since: Sat Apr 24, 2004, 02:37 PM
Number of posts: 6,096

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I won't IF Mitt and family EVER DREAM about drinking booze...lol Just

a thought I had this morning...ha ha ha

Thank the Good Lord we don't have to look at that family for 4 years...
I can finally calm down. Whew.

I never watch FAUX but I cannot resist...they are talking about Obama blaming Bush


FAUX is a'cryin' in their beer.....boooo hooooo

Said He had so much NEGATIVE ads running against him from the democrats...

IS cnn SLEEPING???? They haven't announced Obama is re-elected?????

After California calls it does Obama even need florida OR ohio?

Paul Ryan won his District back in Wisconsin. Did I read that tweet right?n/t

OMG the gal talking to Rachel Maddow said the Romney people are in a room and

do not respond to any calls from anyone outside the room. ROFL..No one can reach them.....BWWWAAAAAAAA loveit

Will repubs make them do a recount in Florida? Awful close.

CNN doing a great job explaining the counties that are left in some of the

Important states. I was mesmerized....Looking good for Our president Obama!!!!!!!!!!!
In Co, Fl and Oh and VA.

Am I seeing the tv correctly? Obama ahead in S. Carolina?

Can anyone tell me? tks
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