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Member since: Sat Apr 24, 2004, 02:37 PM
Number of posts: 6,096

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NO BIG crowd in Iowa today for dipola....his backdrop is after about 3 to 4 rows of

people yelling for him. There is NO CROWD THERE....they NEVER SHOW THEM...
he is a lying piece of junk.

Romney is campaigning and they NEVER do show pictures of his crowd. Can

we assume then that he has no crowds. Just shows a backdrop of about 40 people or so...mostly white men...lol..I just realized that....

Are they hiding Ryan since the pots and pans pictures? Have not seen him. Does

anyone know what the issue is? tks

On newsnation MSNBC with tamron hall they are talking about Romney getting rid of Fema and some

guy is arguing with her about the fact that Romney would do the exact same thing that Obama is doing with an emergency system...and they are fighting back and forth. I don't know the names of the men who are arguing this, sorry. Oh I'm so glad I saw this.

Well as long as we have a million posts on Trump no one is watching voter fraud. n/t

Al Sharpton Just said on Politics Nation that Romney is not campaigning at all for the next

two weeks. Is this true. I just said it at the beginning of the show and is now showing the states that Obama is going to just today and tomorrow......

Is Romney hiding because he got caught lying last night? or what?? Anyone know, has this been posted, sorry if it has.


I think Queen Annie cuts Mitt's hair....he's so cheap he turns down the water heater when they leave

the house (so said annie) and then on purpose forgets to turn it back on when they come home.
Bwwewaaaa cheap ass

I hate his phony smile

I didn't see Michelle Obama at the event last night, was

wondering if anyone knew, I missed her...love seeing her.

Top Romney Economist admits "job plan" numbers Don't compute


When innocent citizens asked about unemployment last night at the town hall presidential debate on Long Island, would Mitt Romney again tout his plan to create 12 million jobs? Unable to Etch-a-Sketch away that often repeated claim one that he has hired several conservative economists to endorse the Republican candidate had little choice. It's up on his campaign website, it's there in his own well-advertised words, and it is the central appeal of his candidacy for the non-billionaire voting bloc.

Says "Bad Arithmetic". Is
Nation of Change a reliable source?
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