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leveymg's Journal
leveymg's Journal
August 31, 2012

No, you may not see our copy of your emails. They're yours, but you are not authorized for those

Response to: Justice Department sued for hiding secret NSA surveillance program (Original post)
August 25, 2012

The US and USSR converged. The RW are inverted Old Commmunists, American-style.

The Right-wing, the Teabaggers, and the national security Mandarins are the last of the true-believers in a system that demonstrably has failed to deliver the world conquering benefits its ideological adherents believed were inevitable, necessary and due.

Yes, the US empire like the USSR before it is breaking up, but in a different way. Our assets are being sold-off, and millions of American jobs liquidated, in an economic purge that is Stalinist in its ruthlessness by the most corrupt Inner Party members on Wall Street and in Washington.

August 25, 2012

Only if it brings inner-enlightenment and peace.

Not going to happen with steroids.

Response to poll question: "Should athletes be allowed to use performance enhancing drugs?"

August 16, 2012

And, that's what it was over Hangzhou: Chinese military DF-31 or DF-21D maneuverable vehicle launch

And, this new generation of steerable, highly-accurate missiles, along with the anti-ship DF-21D and Russian hypersonic cruise missile (bottom image) is why the aircraft carrier is now extinct.

Reported here: http://my.opera.com/mycpaiva/blog/missile-defense-frames-used-in-unclassified-presentations-american-institute-fo

Note: The date on the photos says 07/10/10, which doesn't line up. But, the still shots appear to nearly identical to the video. There's been some fudging around with the details, as well as the "UFO" cover story, probably by the PRC.

DF-21D Anti-ship Missile, Maneuverable warhead shown below. Bottom panel is a competing design by the Brahmos consortium (Russia-India aerospace) for a hypersonic air or ground launched cruise missile:

August 14, 2012


Music. Have some nosh and wine. Learn to relax.

Response to post: Leader of anti-Semitic party in Hungary discovers he is Jewish

August 14, 2012

Green Day appreciated it: "Tuesday/ is Soylent/ Green Day" (see above)

Unfortunately, last-minute recognition of a giant Stone Temple on final approach to landing on your head isn't enough. But, at least it provided another great band name: The Stone Temple Pilots

Zardoz Speaks!:

Stone Temple Pilots: (Vasoline)


Decaying empires make for wonderful material. You really must have a strong stomach, though.

August 13, 2012

THAT is a classic. Now, I know who the guy with the widows peak and blue eyes is!

Happy snacking! Would Eddie Munster like some blue cheese or Stilton with his Sr. Citizen crisps? Mmmm . . . Tangy goodness from the sea!

Announcer doing a commercial announcement ... this program is brought to you by Soylent red and Soylent yellow, high energy vegetable concentrates, and new, delicious, Soylent green. The miracle food of high-energy plankton gathered from the oceans of the world.


GREEN DAY: "Idiot America" (with lyrics)

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