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Member since: Tue May 11, 2004, 07:57 PM
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There are different philosophies on life.

Good for profits; bad for society. That sums up what I heard on Richard Wolff's latest podcast. And this is exactly the results of unconscious people taking advantage of the system in order to gain wealth.

I don't think it's malicious. And people can start out poor, become wealthy, and then become unconscious people. Who is that recording magnate who just tried to use Bernie as his platform for animals? Ellison. He offered his endorsement to Bernie if in exchange Bernie would promote his animal related platform. It sounds like a good platform, but, Bernie didn't think it is what the people want, said no, and Ellison went on his way. He then endorsed Hillary Clinton. So I imagine we'll be hearing from Clinton about her new plan which regulates some kinds of animal farming.

So I think when you are irritated by what you say in your post, it is probably from this political direction. One is financial, and the other is people. One is put first before the other. When in reality, we are a community of humans. Animals. That's what we are, and we should be conscious of that. The money is in the wrong direction, although we have been trained to behave as though it is the essential. So when we hear Bernie putting humane propositions on the table, we are filled with glee.
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