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louis c

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Boston
Home country: USA
Current location: Boston
Member since: Fri May 14, 2004, 05:52 PM
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Rex Tillerson's Comment is the Very Defination of Speaking Truth to Power

Rex Tillerson saying to high ranking officials in the Trump Administration, in a voice loud enough for more than just several people to hear, that Donald Trump is a "Fucking Moron", is the very definition of the age old adage of "speaking truth to power."

Rex Tillerson Didn't Just Call Trump a Moron, He Called Him a Fucking Moron

Maybe there was another in history, but I don't know of him.

And why is the press (mostly) sanitizing the statement?

I had to search through 40 stories to find one that has the actual quote from the July 20 meeting.

Tillerson didn't just call Trump a moron, he called him a FUCKING MORON.

<snip>The Secretary of State allegedly called the president a "fucking moron."...................................................

Rex Tillerson, a retired oil company executive and alleged "Secretary of State," apparently needed only a few months to decide that agreeing to serve as chief diplomat to a president with no interest in diplomacy was what they call a "career misstep." According to NBC News, Tillerson called the president a "moron" and threatened to quit after this summer's insane Boy Scouts Jamboree speech, returning to Washington only after being talked down by Vice President Pence and other "top administration officials." Axios helpfully reports that the epithet was, in fact, "fucking moron," because if you're going to publicly disparage your superior's intelligence and fitness for the job he holds, you might as well get in a profane adjective while you're at it.<snip>


More Info on Gen. Kelly Being Removed from Air Force One Today

I read a tweet about this about 13 hours ago, here on DU

This is new and more information released about a half hour ago (7:00 PM EST 10/4)

<snip> Although the White House initially refused to answer her questions about this rather awkward move, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders eventually said that there's "nothing to read into here," explaining: He is basically always on the manifest. Sometimes he travels, and sometimes he doesn't. An important caveat, of course, but Huckabee's explanation did not prevent Scott Dworkin from tweeting that not one, not two, but three people have told him that this may very well be General Kelly's last week as Trump's chief of staff.<snip>


Donald. You Were Right. I'm Tired of All This Winning

"We're going to win so much, you're going to get tired of winning".

Link to Asshole:

Photos of shooter's hotel room, with what appears to be a note

The Daily Star is reporting speculation from inside the hotel room of the shooter.

please don't think that I agree or disagree with the linked story.

I just thought it interesting.

<snip>BREAKING: Photos emerge of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s body….and there is a NOTE
PHOTOS have leaked online of the dead body of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock – and he appears to have left a note.<snip>

Link to Story:

"God, why didn't you answer my paryers?"

There was a flood in a city in which this devoted Christian lived. He stood on his roof as the water rose. He prayed, "God, please save me. Please don't let me drown."

Just as he finished his prayer, a man appeared in a row boat. "Get in", he shouted to the man on his roof. "No", said the man on the roof, "the Lord will save me". 15 minutes later, a helicopter appeared, and dropped a rope ladder to the man on the roof, "no need to bother. The Lord will save me", said the man on the roof. A half hour later, with the man on the roof now up to his neck in water, a man in a raft appeared and said, "Jump in, Jump in, or you will surely drown". The man on the roof still remained faithful. "The Lord will not let me down, He will answer my prayers". Eventually, the man on the roof did drown, and met the Lord in heaven. The man said to his Lord, "Why did you let me drown. Why didn't you answer my prayers?" and the Lord replied, "who do you think sent the boat, the helicopter and the raft?"

We can pray all we want after another mass killing tragedy, but stricter gun laws are the Lord's version of the boat, the helicopter and the raft.

I guess Trump Can Drop the "Make America Safe Again"

part of his closing lines at his next rally"

We need to pray for the victims

of Columbine, Colorado, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Orlando and now Las Vegas.

I'd rather have stricter gun laws. It seems like the praying isn't working so well.

"All You Need to Stop a Bad Guy with an Automatic Rifle, Shooting from the 32nd Floor into a Crowd..

...is a good guy with a surface to air missile."

This is no time to talk politics

After all, the shooter was a white guy who traces his roots in this country back at least 3 generations.

And if politics did come up, it would center around gun control. Or how Trump's Muslim ban or border wall would not have prevented this tragedy so naturally up pops the "NO POLITICS" sign.

The only time we are allowed to talk politics immediately after an attack, is if the attack was perpetrated by a Muslim or an undocumented alien.

At least, now, I understand the rules.

Link to Trump and Orlando;
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