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AwakeAtLast's Journal
AwakeAtLast's Journal
July 26, 2016

Al Franken's Speech

A thing of beauty!!!

He's killing it!

July 25, 2016

Debbie Wasserman Schultz will not gavel in DNC

On MSNBC right now.....

This is a good call, IMO.

July 2, 2015

First Church of Cannabis hosts first service Wednesday without pot

There was no lighting up at the first ceremony of the First Church of Cannabis on the Indianapolis south side Wednesday. Indianapolis Metro Police threatened to arrest anyone who was smoking marijuana, and many officers were on hand for the service.

Police say there were no arrests or any other problems after around 150 worshipers turned out for the service. A circus-like atmosphere prevailed, though, between the media attention and founder Bill Levin. He got full rock-star treatment as he entered the church with a cigar dangling from his mouth. With his wispy white hair and its tendency to fly in all directions, Levin cuts an eccentric figure.

Levin placed stickers identifying the church on the mailbox Monday. Inside, a large mural covers one wall, a take on Michelangelo's "Creation of Man."

"God handing cannabis to man," remarked Levin, who calls himself "the Grand Poobah and first minister of love for the first church of cannabis."


The video is great! I love this guy! I would have loved to have gone to the service.

June 29, 2015

Cross Post from C&B - Celebration in Cake

I thought this was a great post from Cake Wrecks. They show beautiful cakes, not wrecks, on Sundays. The theme this time? Rainbows! Enjoy!

Cake Wrecks - Home

On edit, scroll down.

June 29, 2015

Celebration in Cake

I thought this was a great post from Cake Wrecks. They show beautiful cakes on Sundays. The theme this time? Rainbows! Enjoy!

Cake Wrecks - Home

April 4, 2015

My plan to get out of Indiana

Recently in this post


I lamented the fact that I could not get out of Indiana for economic reasons.

Throughout the fallout over the RFRA, my family and I have been brainstorming ways to truly leave. We think we have found a way.

My parents, who are retired, sold some ground to purchase and set up a modular home that will help them get through their retirement years (handicapped access, low maintenance, etc.) They do not have any plans for their other home. This is in a small town where homes don't get sold for much, and their current home is in need of some TLC. We are going to ask them if we can purchase and renovate their current home. They live in IL, which is where I was born and raised.

This will mean we will have to find new jobs, which may be a challenge for me because I am 45. However, we feel that the lower stress (I teach 1500 students and my husband has a 1 hour commute one way) and smaller house with the possibility of a much lower house payment may be worth the move even if I can only find part time work. I will be close (as in next door) to my parents as they age and will be able to take care of them. My daughter will be closer to her cousins.

My family on both sides began their lives in this area over 200 years ago. I will eventually inherit land that was first purchased almost 175 years ago. Being closer may be a good thing.

Nothing is set in stone, but we have decided we really do have options. We agree that getting out of Indiana will be a good thing. I am a little bit excited about the prospect.

Any words of advice will be appreciated. We will be letting Mom and Dad in on our idea around the end of April. Wish us luck!

March 5, 2015

Proud Mom Moment

When your 13 y/o daughter turns on a DVR of "The Daily Show" all by herself, then remarks on a story about Netanyahu's visit to the Congressional Chamber: "Netanyahu and the Chamber of Secrets!"

I don't get these very often, so indulge me a little bit, please.

October 6, 2014

Hey there!

Not sure anyone will remember me. I have been MIA for about four (FOUR!) years. I cannot begin to tell you everything that has happened, but do know this: I'M BACK!!!

I have been reading, not posting, for this time period. That means that I have not missed very much. I know all about the arguments-du-jour (and there were many). I am so excited to be able to actually respond directly instead of shouting in my head

I thought about creating a poll to see if you could guess the reason for my hiatus, but I have not regained my star status yet, so you have been spared, LOL! You may post your suspicions, though.....

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