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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,389

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Oh crap.....Ron Johnson was in La Crosse and Onalaska today

bloviating about the drug epidemic and how the southern boarder is the big problem...... I know there is a problem, but the boarder is only a tiny part of the problem. Doctors are part of the problem as well...... and I don’t remember seeing RoJo ever here before. Ugh.....am still sick Russ Feingold isn’t on of the Senators from Wisconsin.

OMGAWD......... just watched the 2nd son on Lou dobbs tonight.......

Eric tRump. Not the #1 son......BUT THE NUMBER TWO SON........ scary he’s the best of them. He’s got all the talking points down pat. Forget Junior, watch out for Eric the #2!!!!!

Dang it.....I had eye drops for my eye appointment, and my pupils are huge.....

how long be for they’re back to normal size??? and it’s so bright out.

Yes.....one of my poker friends WILL NOT VOTE FOR tRump AGAIN.

our 30+ year poker club of women disbanded last December, but we do get together for lunch every couple of months and today was one of our get togethers. Once three of our partners had left, I asked the last women that was with me who she voted for....(we have never talked politics all these years) she said tRump....I voted for tRump. I say Anne how could you??? She said, “I just could not vote for Hillary and I did vote for tRump, BUT I WON’T VOTE FOR HIM EVER AGAIN”. I just smiled hugged her and we left the establishment. So yes....some tRumpers know the damage they did while voting him for him. So happy she learned her lesson.

French Open.....women.

Venus, and Caroline done...Serena is losing right now.....4 - 2 first set. She’s been pretty sloppy so far. Come on Serena.

Ok..... how do get rid of all these naked women on my e-mail???

My e-mail is just swamped with naked women.....and I swear, I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO A NAKED WOMEN WEB SITE. but every day I get at least 6 - 10 naked women in my e-mail. I’m actually afraid to call my provider and say “how do get rid of these notices” without them thinking i’m some sort of sex addict or something. HELP.......

Am I the only one who thinks Stephen Colbert stinks at interviewing??

THE IRS IS NOW OWNED BY tRump people???

Rachel’s show now......

Leonard Leo.......his name came up on MSNBC's Chris Hayes show.

Huge money maker for conservative non profit causes. Never heard of him....anyone?

Hope the new band director of the Wisconsin band will bring some color and jazz to the band.

Hate to say the Wisconsin band was PRETTY MUCH ALL WHITE. Hope the new director will bring some color to the band.
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