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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 28,430

Journal Archives

Did anyone else hear possible record number of voter turn out??

Have heard it twice now.......numbers might pass 2008. Just reporting what I hear......anyone else hear that??

Am watching MSNBC and there's a kid behind the talkers on TV, he's wearing a tRump hat......

AND his phone case has a tRump Cover too. MSNBC please remove him.

Ok.....did buy that new ipad3........

now......how do I get an article I want to save into an app??? I just used to tap on this symbol and I would move it to my home page. Now.....I donít know how to move things onto my home page. Anyone can help me??

Yikes.....just noticed Mayor Pete is down to 5% here on DU's ranking.......

first time I noticed a change......who else changed, just noticed Pete.

OMGAWD......Fauker Carlson is begging tRump to pardon "black round glasses" now.....

Burn this party down or buy this party out.........

Yikes....statement of the night.

Question for mostly women, but if the guys here use a curling iron I'll surely listen.....

Do I ALWAYS have to use some type of hair protective spray every time I use a curling iron?? I know my hair has to be totally dry, but do I always have to use a protective spray as well??? Thanks.

How do I get a photo on my iPad to DU???

I tap on the photo and then try to move it to DU and I donít just know how to do that. It wonít let me copy it....gonna try.....any other suggestions??? Want to show ya all my ďeat the rich pin with a crossed knife and fork pin next to it.

Yikes.......am watching faux noise as long as I can for ya........

and they are pushing for Amy.......lotsa roaming reporters for faux and I think the results will say Amy K won NH. JMHO. ya think the republicans in sheepís clothing can screw with the totals??? Just wondering.
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