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I do stuff. And when I finish that stuff, I do other stuff.

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Blaming the teachers is merely pointing out the symptoms and not understanding the disease...

This is from a 13 year olds perspective at the classroom level and not a view on the systemic problems of the education system.

The problem of todays education system isn't teachers, it's the system which has now over arching corporate control, lack of funding, ever evolving education curriculum and treating national education as a political volley ball to be batted around at will to serve lobbyists, politicians and corporate interests.

The slow dismantling of various teachers unions, the firing of long time teachers and hiring "cheaper" new teachers with virtually no experience and with no mentoring programs is a deliberate effort to erode the system and allow it to be easily controlled by outside forces.

In conjunction: there are good teachers out there of all races. The problem teachers face isn't so much that they are bad teachers (although there are many), it's that the curriculum as been skewed so much toward teaching toward state and national mandated testing, that the art of real teaching is taking a backseat.

Once upon a time, teachers were able to go off curriculum to discuss topics at length. Now, they have to try and eek out the odd 5 to 15 minutes here and there to try and reach the students.

We have lost art, music and gym, we have lost civics, language programs and many after school activities in much of our grossly underfunded school system. Yet people still complain as to why kids don't get a proper education.

The working parents, couples and single, are at wits end to engage their child between struggling to maintain an income and a cohesive family. As a result, more pressure is put upon the teacher to try and "parent" kids. Yet parents get bent out of shape when their kid gets a poor report from school.

Teachers with no support from the parents and parents who perceive their child as doing no wrong or are unable or unwilling to be reasonable, is a failing cooperative endeavor.

The constant de-funding of schools, the rewarding of better schools and removal of funds from the "under performers", is destroying our kids education. Why punish an under performing school? Many times they are under performing because they don't have the funds to allow teachers to properly do their jobs.

While this student makes the comparison to slavery by equating white centric teachers as "masters" to the "slaves" of students of color, this students perspective is skewed to only her microcosm.

While I do understand the students perspective, I can only state that it's from a limited view, however, what I do hope happens is that it opens a debate on a wide range of topics concerning the problems with our public education system. One of which is funding.

Ann Romney and the 40 years to late reality...

Mrs. Romney's now odd remark about "struggling" is just so bizarre given her very very privileged life style.

But you know what? My mom was a stay at home mom.

My mom raised for kids while my dad worked.

But here is the difference.

My dad worked for the Dept of Sanitation for NYC. He was a mechanic.

He worked 40 hours a week + overtime.

He was in a Union. He was paid a living wage. He had complete and full benefits. He had a pension.

He was able to support a family of 6. He was able to put all us kids through college. He was able to save and eventually buy a small cabin in Canada for our summer vacations. He was able to leave my mom a nice sum of money so she wouldn't have to go without when he passed away. My mom received his pension and his SS on top of the money they saved together.

Did my mom struggle while raising us? Yes. Did she have to find new and creative ways at times to make ends meet at times? Damn straight.

But interestingly, once upon a time in this nation, the life that Mrs. Romney enjoys and has enjoyed for a life time, wasn't always just for the rich. I'm not talking about the 5 Cadillacs, or the dozens of homes. I'm referring to the ability of a parent, either male or female, to stay at home and raise their kids while the spouse worked. (granted in the 50's 60's and 70's when the kids in my family grew up, it was dominated by stay at home moms)

We were of modest means, but when you contrast what families, what women in general and what single mom's and dad's have to do today to make ends meet or just survive for that matter is actual hardcore struggling. Stay at home moms or dads is a virtual thing of the past.

It's a really sad thing to say, that in this day in age, people today look upon those past times, (I described above) as something so impossible, so incredible, that the comments by Mrs. Romney only puts a gigantic spotlight on 1) just how far we have fallen as a nation 2) how far we have fallen when it comes to workers rights 3) how far we have fallen in regards to women's rights and 4) how completely out of touch the GOP is in in regards to the income gap and the struggles of the poor.

This is the conversation we should be having but alas the right wing controlled media dictates how the words flow and just what the mouth breathing audience of American TV views should be angry about.

You're right, I'm not you...

but I can empathize.

No, I haven't had your experiences, but I can understand and relate from my own experiences.

When we seek to teach and end up dividing, we learn nothing and help no one.

While I haven't walked in you shoes, I have walked miles in my own and use that experience to try and seek out common ground to understand not just your plight, but all people who have suffered.

I have tasted the bitterness of poverty and have eaten from the golden apple of success. I have had to beg for food and I have had high dollar meals served at no cost to me. I have felt crushing defeat and the sweet beauty of victory. I have been judged and I have judged. I have had the hateful looks of scorn because of who I am and the embracing arms of acceptance.

I will never ever know what it's like to be a minority in this nation, I will not know how it feels to be looked upon, in some circles, as second class. I will not know what it's like to be passed over solely because of the color of my skin. I will never know these things.

However, it does not stop me from trying my best to empathize with the plight of a fellow human treated unfairly or killed because of the color of their skin.

Hate, ignorance and racism are exhausting. Acceptance, empathy and understanding is fulfilling.

We learn from positives and belittle ourselves as humans with negatives.

corporations rule.

never forget that.

we no longer live in a land where people matter.

we are consumers not citizens.

we are the great unwashed not the have mores.

our privacy is their knowledge.

we the people exist only on a tabulation sheet, next to a number; only to be tallied for how much overhead we account for.

sip the victory gin, because that is your last drink.

My 35,000th post...and a few extra....

(I didn't realize I blew through the threshold of 35K until I checked this morning)

Well well well. 35K posts. That's a lot of words. Some useful, some lame, some wasted and some just plain WTF?

I have made some great online friends here over the years. I also have really pissed off a number of people over the years. And a number of you are reading this and thinking, "who the fuck is this guy?"

DU saved my mental state back in '04. Back then, before I joined DU, I was writing a weekly blog entitled Javarants via an unknown blog. I found that while screaming into cyber space helped me vent my frustration at the then current state of things, it didn't give me the feeling of community or the back and forth I realized I desperatedly wanted.

While I haven't been here since it's inception, I have been here long enough to experience the DU evolution.

Classic threads come to mind, classic members come to mind. Some great laughs, some truly memorable rantrums. (some of which were my own).

Through it all, DU really had provided me with a way to connect with like minded folks who really were scared at the direction our nation was going.

I have posted many a rant, editorial and opinion over the years (most, if not all can be found my old DU journal), dealing with the poor, energy issues, climate change and the general insanity that had and still grips our nation.

I wish to thank all of the DU community. To the big guys: Skinner, Earl, Elad, to the mods (old term), the the passionate members of DU, thank you.

Sincerely, Thank you.

As on my 30 thousandth posting, I will be taking a step back. I won't be posting nearly as much anymore. I'm finding that the time and energy I devote to DU can be used in more productive areas of my life. I may still post one of my rants or editorials from time to time and will continue to troll the headlines, but I will be less actively involved with DU.

Am I burnt out? Maybe. Am I tired of the politcal poo flinging, possibly. Do I desperately need a spell check? Yes!

In the past, I would now release all those who were on my ignore list, but alas, the switch over did that for me. (my false sense of god like powers has been ripped from me! LOL)

And as always, I say fuck you! Fuck you all! from the bottom of my heart.

With peace, with kindness, with understanding and most of all, with profound sincerety,


Imagine a person with two different sized feet...

one is a normal sized foot and the other is enormously huge, grossly huge, freakishly huge.

Now imagine that person has to have to special shoes to be made. one for the normal foot and one for the oversized cartoon foot.

Further imagine that person has had a long day and their feet are really tired. They decide to take off their shoes...in a crowded room. The first one this person takes off and drops on the floor has a curious name. This person named this normal sized shoe "Carbon".

And so it drops on the floor. Some people in the room were first bothered by the fact that this person chose to take off their shoes in a public place, but when this first shoe hit the floor, only a few concerned people noticed and politely said something to the offending shoe remover.

Now, the person is unlasing the second shoe. The bizarrely oversized monster shoe. This shoe has a name as well, it's called, "Methane".

As the shoe wearing begins the slow process of untying the gigantic laces, not only are the first people who noticed the carbon shoe drop complaining, but other people, the less interested people have actaually turned their head in the direction of the potentially life threating social faux pas.

And when this shoe finally hits the ground, those who didn't complain, will complain the loudest.

(I will not correct my awful spelling until a spell check is reinstituted in DU. So point out my mistakes all you want, I don't care)
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