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Member since: Wed Jun 16, 2004, 03:09 PM
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A very simple reasoning why I want an Obama landslide.

This president I believe has earned our trust by showing us he can rise up to the challenges even when things are stacked up against him in Congress, he has shown us adversity cannot prevent him from doing the right thing. A man of such resolve deserves a landslide, why? If he can still produce with all this obstruction and distraction shown by the republican party, one can only imagine what he will do with a majority Senate and House democrats.

What we have seen from the republican presidential candidate, his running mate and those in Congress is that they have nothing to offer the American people, but to continue the systematic destruction of the middle class by refusing to work with democrats or introduce any policy that will benefit the middle class, instead what we have seen from the republican party are anything, but divisive ideologue on issues such as women reproductive organs, while the Jobs Bill is stalled in Congress because republicans could not get their tax cuts for the wealthy included in the bill.

Since the republican party has shown us that they have nothing to offer the American people? Why obliged them by sending them back to Congress? Wouldn't that be endorsing their obstructionism? Why not show them that we have been paying attention to all their actions by sending more democrats to Congress with a mandate that can work with this president in the continuation of the American Recovery.

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