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Princess Turandot

Princess Turandot's Journal
Princess Turandot's Journal
March 27, 2021

There was a shooting outside of a sports bar (called Golf & Social) on the Philly waterfront..

..in Fishtown. An altercation spilled over from inside (based on what they've said so far) in which 7 people were shot. 3 are in critical condition, 4 are hospitalized but stable, and someone is in custody.


The only shooting in Boston on the news concerns an alleged armed robber who robbed a convenience store and then, stole a police car. He was shot by the police following a standoff. (No one was shot in the store, AFAICT.)


Virginia Beach had more than one incident going on in the vicinity of the city's Oceanfront, apparently around the same time. At around 11:20 p.m. 8 people were shot in one location. So far, that resulted in two deaths, but some others are hospitalized in critical condition. They've brought people in for questioning, but haven't reported a motive yet.

Then there was more gunfire and an officer involved shooting, but that was at another location, and is unrelated to the first incident. In yet another unrelated incident, someone was shot to death. And finally, a LEO was hit by a car, but wasn't badly hurt.

These sound like pissed-off-assholes-with-guns incidents.

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