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FL budget: $133-$1,000 per charter student, $18 per public school student

If Democrats want to rebuild a lasting majority instead of falling in and out of power by razor thin wins and losses, they could break with the privatizers of public education unequivocally and permanently.

Most people send their kids to public schools, and a lot are realizing that charters steal money from regular schools as this budget shows. Almost as many realize they don't necessarily do a better job--they just get to pick the best students.

On education at least, Democrats need to put good policy ahead of their Wall St. donors.

In working out a proposed state budget deal in the wee hours of the morning, state House and Senate leaders divvied up Public Education Capital Outlay money for such things as repairs and renovation this way:

* $4.7 million, or $1,000 per student, for Florida Lab Schools, a small group of schools connected with universities across the state. They have about 4,700 students.

* $1.6 million, or about $133 per student, for Polk charter schools. They have about 12,000 students.

* $1.5 million, or about $18 per student, for the Polk County School District. It
has about 85,000 students, not counting those in charter schools.


In One Tweet, Former Obama Speechwriter Sums Up Why Conor Lamb Won #PA18

He won on this platform in a deep, deep red district.

What are "centrists" excuses for not running on and fighting for these progressive policies?

https://twitter.com/jonfavs/status/973919365119737858?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">March 14, 2018</a>

If Lamb won running on these issues, in a heavily red gerrymandered district, then Democrats in 114 bluer districts can win too. Bottom line, Trumpís agenda is not in step with the majority of the American people. Not even in a red district like #PA18.

But the contest was never supposed to be competitive. In fact, there are 114 Republican-held House seats more competitive than Pennsylvania's 18th, according to a Democratic tabulation of the Cook Political Report's partisan voting index.

November 6th, 2018 is the reckoning for the Republican Party.

Via DailyKos

TOON: a British take on centrism:


TOON: Senator Squish & Senator Stalwart

This sums up why Democrats still manage to lose to a party of grifters and sociopaths.

courtesy of DailyKos.

Dems voting to roll back Dodd-Frank shows how centrists tie Democrats hands in MAJORITY

Even when Democrats are in the majority or even supermajority in the Senate, centrists Democrats give Republicans a de facto supermajority on privatization of government services, economic, trade, foreign policy, and many budget priorities, which is why even if Obama had wanted a more progressive healthcare reform policy, stimulus, or strings on Wall Street bailouts, he probably could not have gotten it.

And because he was constrained by those centrists, he could not draw a stark enough contrast with Republicans to hold the Congress or even the presidency at the end of his term.

If you don't like what Republicans are doing, Democrats who support them in all but the Klan & NRA rallies are not the ones to keep them out of office, and more importantly, not the ones to keep the worst of their policies from being implemented.
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