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Member since: Tue Jul 13, 2004, 07:39 PM
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until the DINOs in this state are willing to stand up

We have a bunch of inside the beltline (Raleigh, that is) multimillionaire neoliberal Dems who've let this happen too. I bet any one of them would be upset about any 3 of the 10 monstrous pieces of legislation underway (but not all 10), but would they ever dirty themselves at a protest? Why, that's so 20th century. And no one who wants to be taken seriously does that. They just pay congratulatory lip service to those who did it in the past, because it's safe to say you would have taken to the streets from a vantage point of 40 years, when you know the outcome.

They're busy with their wingspread seminars and smoked salmon post-seminar buffets and that neoliberal celebration of academic capitalism called the Emerging Issues Forum to rehash the same stale pro-corporate crap about "making NC competitive for the 21st century!" They have no idea the level of evil they're dealing with, nor of the environmental/energy shit storm coming our way. It's hard to be too worried when you haven't yet fallen out of the middle class.

Sorry to be so cynical. I have my reasons.
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