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Camping in the wild is serious business.

And obviously potentially very dangerous. You must understand the particular behavior of the animals in the area.

Grizzlies are more dangerous than black bears and not just because of their size, although that is a major factor - they're more aggressive about food & territory.

(Several times my husband & I have met the more easy-going black bears on back trails in the GSMNP. Want to read how area residents feel about our black bears: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRGxWZCMSGf/?utm_medium=copy_link )

Obviously these folks just didn't understand grizzlies well enough. (It's even recommended that you don't sleep in the same clothes you eat in!)

(And as Timothy Treadwell said, even grizzlies differ. He knew he was near "bad" grizzlies when he was killed but that where officials made him camp. Long story.)

Excellent way to describe conservative religious norms...

"Dysfunctional, abusive institutions."

👍 Thanks!

Thank you!

"Lifestyles" = opposing religious values in all conservative groups, areas, countries.

Conform or be killed. There's some very sick pathology going on with those psychopathic parents. (Redundant wording, I know.)

Their crimes are so sick they should be tortured!! Their own children, my gawd!! This is what religion does!!

In the conservative U.S. South, religion inflicts a thousand tiny cuts into a person psyche. Done with it.

- proud atheist

Been there, done that.

When my dear hubby was in grad school, I'd hear him yell, "come get her"!

She loved to sit smack-dab under his nose on his books, papers and since he thought she was the cutest thing in the world, he didn't have the "heart" to move her or make her move. I had to be the "bad guy." That dang cute Siamese had him wrapped around her wittle paw.

But he was a "dog person" - famous last words! He loves them both but the pups still come first.

We currently have a conflict involving a dog who hates the new kitty & new kitty who *really hates* the dog. On top of living in a "segregated" house, hubby is tired of dealing with kitty allergens & the dog's hurt feelings - yes, he's very mopey & is acting noticeably depressed. He's a 13yo who's never lived with a cat in his life.

Sooo, I must text the rescue lady & tell her we must bring kitty back. At least she's refocused my attention during my period of intense grief. Pets are really the best therapists ever! And nuthin can make me laugh like a crazy playful kitty! 😺

Oh yuck!! 😝

Growing up in Tennessee I heard that some people did eat possums but I thought that was just a myth. Just now look it up and found this:

Native Americans seem to have enjoyed eating opossum before Europeans or Africans arrived, and they introduced the animal to early colonists. William Strachey encountered the opossum in the Viriginia colony between 1607 and 1612, and his description made it clear that the animal was good to eat.


I'm not ready. And according to one DUer ....

...who posted in the lounge about masks: needing to wear a mask now, after you've been vaccinated, is just a psychosomatic "comfort" issue.

There's the smallest chance that you can still get the Delta variant but, like you, I'm not willing to take even that chance. I've so many co-morbidities, I'd be dead if I contracted any variant of CoVid.

Yes!! Fascist and racist...

They may as well be wearing white hoods w/those black robes.

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