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Current location: Virginia coast
Member since: Wed Sep 15, 2004, 12:13 AM
Number of posts: 22,777

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Good for this wonderful, compassionate lady!

Sending my atheist blessings her way.

Sick of people who are afraid of every small wild critter!!!

We have raccoons on our deck almost every night. They're a slight nuance ONLY b/c they eat my squirrels' treats. They're not to be feared.

But then there's a neighbor, a hunter who gets pleasure from killing, who killed "my" friendly little gray momma fox. One night she brought her 3 kits to see me!!

These critters are the size of a house kitty but with longer legs & a bushy tail. Despite myths, they're seldom found to be rabid but are just more friendly than some realize.

One visited us just last night.

Also called "bifurcations" in a system

Unstable systems do this before making a permanent 1-sided change.

And yes, totally predicted by climate scientist, which of these assholes would have known if they'd read much of anything about it.

But reading anything is forbidden in their cultist culture.


Rolling blackouts happened in the South, but not in Tennessee

Why Tennessee was able to avoid these extended outages and rolling blackouts?

Aaron Paul Melda, transmission and power supply senior vice president for the Tennessee Valley Authority, says the utility's continued reliability is a product of its dedicated workforce and its public power system model.

"We have been built and funded by the people of the United States and the Tennessee Valley and are beholden to them alone," he said, adding that the utility can plan its grid and operations more conservatively in the absence of investor pressure.

"We work to balance cost and high reliability and ensure a diverse fleet so that we have the ability to shift power sources if need be," he said.

We have a underlying philosophy of not putting all our eggs in one basket." TVA's power comes from coal, hydroelectric, natural gas, nuclear and renewable energy sources.

40% of TVA's generating capacity is nuclear, and 45% of its power is coming from carbon-free sources, according to the company.


We know TVA could never be built today under any GOP administration.

😺 My 1st Siamese always demanded ...

I lift the bed covers for her to crawl under during cold weather. She was really cold natured.

She'd hop on the bed then paw near my neck until I lifted the covers so that she could crawl under & snuggle next to me. She spent her nights there purring herself (& me) to sleep. She was the only one of our 4 kitties who wanted to spent her nights "undercover."

This was decades ago yet to this day I use either recorded rain sounds or kitty purring to help me sleep. I miss my sweet kitties.

😺 zzzz's

Thank you!

Many of things on this long list are too minor, although true, to influence fence-sitters much less a Repub BUT the fact that tRump said nothing, did nothing to even reproach Putin or make our soldiers safer would indeed influence most folks' opinion of him.

Remember this: so many Republicans have never heard of these facts ever before because they are not mentioned by the likes of Hannity or Rush Limbaugh.

And speaking of Slimbaugh, tRump also awarded HIM the Presidential Medal of Freedom, an act which greatly belittled the prestigious award!! Although RW Congressmen were mentioned, this disgusting fact was also left off the list.

I bet we can think of more. 👍

Did nothing when learning Russia paid Bounties

...for DEAD U.S. Soldiers!

I think that's a bigger that should've turned the RW against him.

Always kissing Putin's ass.


Asked my hubs a few wks ago if time is nonlinear. He said it all depends on the curvature tensor but we don't know what it is. (I'm just a dodo, he's the physicist.)

Excellent, excellent, excellent❗

Why should only Christian religious sites matter? That's a racially biased, Christo-fascist view that should have been challenged decades, if not a century ago.

Heather Cox Richardson: Trump Could Be Convicted !

She believes simple math could help win a conviction.

And as strange as it may seem, she makes a logical and surprisingly believable case.

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