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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 50,070

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#CantWaitToVoteForJoe ... I. Am. EXCITED!!

This is showing the absolute chasm of difference between caring, sympathetic, listener, faithful family man Joe Biden and grifting, narcissistic, greedy, adulterous, lusting, boasting, gluttonous trump

A moral uniter vs a criminal divider

Merriam-Webster with the Troll of the Day


'Fraudster': a person who engages in fraud

'Faitour': cheat, impostor

'Humbug': a willfully false, deceptive, or insincere person

NEW Republican Convention slogan - "If you're not indicted, you're not invited"



Bannon's co-conspirator is NO stranger to thieving and fraud!

Andrew Badolato, co-conspirator with #SteveBannon and #briankolfage , is no stranger to fraud! He and Bannon are tight and have a history of thieving and fraud

Stock Fraud, Drug Trafficking, & the ‘Alt-Right’
By Daniel Hopsicker -September 28, 2016
When Donald Trump’s campaign manager Steve Bannon was recently exposed for using a vacant house in Miami as his legal residence, he hastily changed his legal address to a beach house in Sarasota, Florida owned by a writer at his Breitbart.com website.


Bannon, who Bloomberg recently called The Most Dangerous Political Operative in America, had repaired to a beach house owned by Andy Badolato, who claims on his website to be an “entrepreneur, senior level executive, venture capitalist and seed stage investor” who has founded companies with a market cap of $26 billion dollars.”

However an investigation reveals that Bannon’s buddy and roommate Badolato has long-time links to a nest of financial fraudsters that raise questions of whether money taken from investors through Badolato’s series of stock scams — which operated on an almost industrial scale—had been pocketed by financiers of the Breitbart.com-led “alt-right.”


Andy Badolato was involved in a stock fraud cum Ponzi scheme at a Palm Beach Gardens, Florida company, Industrial Business Ventures Group, (IBVG), where he was Senior Vice President of Corporate Finance.

Two of his partners in the scheme —Jonathan Curshen and Michael Muzio— are currently in federal prison. Both men were also involved, oddly enough, in the drug trafficking ring in St. Petersburg, Florida responsible for the ill-fated ‘drug move’ resulting in the biggest drug seizure on an airplane in Mexican history, 5.5 tons of cocaine, found on an American-registered DC-9 busted in the Yucatan in April of 2006.

Here's some more real good news. This will hit you in the 'feels'!

6-year-old Alyssa McClelland released her first book on Juneteenth. She said she loves being an author, but what she doesn’t love is what led her to write the book. Hit play to see how this strong girl became a published author.

Brava, Ms McClelland! Brava, indeed!!

Her book is titled: My Big Curly Fro

wait, wait...Bannon was arrested off a BOAT?!

Pirates of the Caribannon!


Ooooohhhh. This would be the ultimate troll!!


I’d chip in $100 to help make this happen !

GOP-supported Green Party candidates are OFF the ballot in Montana!

Justices remove Green Party candidates from Montana ballot
HELENA, Mont. — A Republican-backed effort to qualify Montana Green Party candidates for the general election has been rejected by the Montana Supreme Court.

Justices on Wednesday upheld District Judge James Reynolds’ Aug. 7 ruling that granted the requests of about 560 people to remove their names from the petitions after they learned the Montana Green Party did not support the effort.

It was later learned the Montana Republican Party had bankrolled the $100,000 signature-gathering effort and violated campaign finance laws by not properly reporting the expenditure.

Green Party candidates are believed to draw votes away from Democratic candidates. The court said it would issue its full opinion later.

Thank you, Marc Elias!


China's Xi Jinping Tightens Grip on Domestic Security Forces in First Broad Purge

Dozens of officials have been taken down in Mao-style rectification campaign; ‘scrape the poison off the bone’

Within the first week after the call to action, Communist Party enforcers had launched investigations into at least 21 police and judicial officials, according to a media tally cited by the party’s top law-enforcement commission. Dozens more have since been taken down, including the police chief of Shanghai, the most senior target thus far, and cadres who have won awards for good performance.

The rash of investigations marks the first time that Mr. Xi has unleashed a sweeping and systematic clean-up of the country’s powerful domestic-security apparatus. His push to forge police, prosecutors and judges who are “absolutely loyal, absolutely pure and absolutely reliable”—as officials running the campaign have demanded—points to thorny concerns that Mr. Xi faces at home even as he seeks to slow a downward spiral in relations with the U.S.


Mr. Xi has targeted senior law-enforcement officials in the past, including retired security chief Zhou Yongkang—who was jailed for life in 2015 for corruption and abuses of power—as well as two vice ministers of public security felled in disciplinary probes over the past two years.

In launching a wider effort, some analysts say, Mr. Xi appears keen to tighten his grip over agencies vital to maintaining social stability and upholding his personal authority, which could prove critical as he confronts a pandemic-ravaged economy and rising tensions with the U.S. that could kick up social ferment and fuel dissent against his leadership.

Odds on trump praising this move this week?

Sooo...Twitler's *MAIL-IN BALLOT* was received by Palm Beach County today

and he *IS* registered at an address matching that of Mar-a-Lago which, according to the deal he struck, cannot be considered as a residence AND a club.

Ergo, the sitting President of the United States has, essentially, committed voter fraud.

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