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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 53,336

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Wow! Wonderful and insightful thread on the cornered tiger (white conservative males)

Fine, here’s what I think is going on:

White men have long been a minority in US society (currently 29%), but until very recently, they controlled all the ladders of ascent into cultural, political, media, or economic relevance.

Fine, here’s what I think is going on:

White men have long been a minority in US society (currently 29%), but until very recently, they controlled all the ladders of ascent into cultural, political, media, or economic relevance.

That doesn’t mean that women and people of color weren’t visible in politics or culture. But it means the people who rose up the ladder into a position of influence generally had political beliefs that white men found tolerable, if not outright appealing.

You’re a woman or especially a minority, and you want to be a Times columnist, a judge, a congressional leader of note, a TV anchor?

If your ideas conform with the ideas of the white men who run these institutions, you can rise, rise, rise. If they don’t you likely won’t.

Now it’s important to switch perspectives and imagine what this system looked liked to white men themselves: consensus.

They could look out their window and see that almost everyone notable agreed with them on really divisive cultural issues!

Occasionally someone would break into the cozy unanimity with ideas that ran against the consensus, like a Jesse Jackson running for president. But even when this happened, all the major cultural and political power centers would reiterate that this was radical fringe politics.

Today… this system mostly remains in place, actually! Most political, cultural, and economic institutions are still controlled by white men! Many nonwhite, nonmale people who advance in these institutions do so by being agreeable to white male gatekeepers! (No names, sorry.)

But cracks are starting to emerge. There are people appearing in politics and culture who do not appear to have really been let in by white male gatekeepers - in fact, who express ideas that the vast, vast majority of white male gatekeepers find incorrect or even annoying.

What are these ideas? It varies but generally they are, naturally, ideas that challenge the power structure itself, point out the ways in which white people and men hold disproportionate power, and point out the way that power is exercised, often unfairly.

Why are cracks emerging now? Partly it’s a cultural evolution. Partly it’s technological (Twitter plays a big role here). But I think most of it is just demographic. America’s white majority is rapidly becoming a white plurality. Total societal control just isn’t sustainable.

And as this has happened, the world as experienced by white men (who, let’s remember, do still control the vast majority of political, cultural, and economic institutions) has also changed: where they once saw consensus, now there’s conflict.

For many white men, including many who hold vast power and influence, it feels like a bunch of malcontents - espousing ideas everyone previously agreed were radical, no less! - have forced their way past the gatekeepers, and are now making everything complicated and unpleasant.

The response of white men has varied. Some have argued that we need to restore the consensus of earlier years, unaware it was illusory and achieved partly by exclusion. Some have desperately kept trying to gatekeep.

And a whole lot of them have just gotten really, really angry.

And that’s where we are now: a small but growing number of people with perspectives that are not agreeable to white male gatekeepers pushing into the public eye, and white men seeing it as radicals smashing a consensus they were told was shared by everyone worth listening to.

And I think it's not a coincidence that the figures and groups that attract the most obsessive ire, who are blamed for causing all the trouble, are also the figures and groups that seem to have most dramatically circumvented the gatekeepers: AOC. Nikole Hannah-Jones. BLM.

One last thing I'll say: in my experience, white men are skeptical of the idea of white male gatekeeping (which makes sense, because it's not like we all got together and decided to do it).

But women and people of color are often acutely aware that their ability to exist in elite circles depends on not challenging certain ideas, and not rubbing powerful people the wrong way. Where do those ideas come from? What do most of those powerful people have in common?

The cornered tiger is the moneyed, white male property owner

And its days in power are numbered and dropping fast

Fear motivates them to more and more drastic measures and furthering the claim that anyone against is even more extreme and crazy. Aka, projection

Just a visiting tour group. Lost looking for the bathroom?


Scott MacFarlane @MacFarlaneNews

They tried to retreat.... the mob pursued

Powerful court exhibit from US Justice Dept in Capitol riot case

Democrats vs Republicans. Then vs Now


Ayup. That's about it.

#EmptyG not-so-subtly admits the text about "Marshall Law" *was* hers.



Marge Greene gets hot when confronted by Jim Acosta today about the text by her suggesting Trump should declare martial law.

In the video'd exchange, #EmptyG mentions specific details in the text message she doesn't know if she sent or not.

Yes, folks.

"I don't remember what I sent but you know that one part where I specifically said 'x' and not 'y'? but I don't know if I sent that or not"

Would be a SHAME if this was retweeted a lot


Elon Musk and Ghislaine Maxwell (child sex trafficker extraordinaire)

Perfect name for MTG


Perjury Taylor Greene

I still like #EmptyG

Parler still trying to grift the qultists


FL GOPer Randy Fine just ONE year ago ran timeshare legislation by Disney for approval!!


The Sentinel asked Fine about why he waited to get Disney's blessing before filing this legislation.

"It was very important to me that it not damage Disney’s business. COVID’s been hard enough," Fine said at the time.

“According to text messages between Bogdanoff and Fine, before filing the bill, the two of them first ran the proposal by Walt Disney Co.’s Disney Vacation Club and the American Resort Development Association, the timeshare industry’s trade association, for approval. The messages were obtained by the Orlando Sentinel under public records laws.”


Well hell. Churchill Downs will be tarnished forever. I feel sick


Only ONE publisher eligible to supply FL textbooks now. Guess who??


Judi Stern Levine @DobbsGirl1

10h • 7 tweets • 2 min read

I have never EVER subscribed to or believed in any conspiracy theory in my life. That being said, what I'm about to say, I know, but please hear me out. The new Florida law, HB7, which forbids CRT from being taught in math classes from K-12 here in Florida has resulted in only
ONE publisher of textbooks in the country, Houston-based Accelerated Learning to be eligible to supply books to the State of Florida, out of ALL of the publishers of textbooks in the country! When I first heard this last night, my first thought was who is this company and how is
it that they are the only ones? Well, this morning on the front page of the Palm Beach Post it all seemed to fall into place. The company, Accelerated Learning, is a Houston-based text book publishing company. My thoughts immediately went to what is their connection to

Ron DeSantis and the Republican Party? It turns out that up until 2020, the CEO of The Carlyle Group, the global investment group that acquired Accelerated in 2018, was none other than the newly-elected government of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin. He had been with Carlyle for 25 years

Since taking office, Youngkin has pushed legislation that mimics Florida's almost to the letter. Meaning, the company that he was affiliated with until running for government, would benefit from legislation he's pushing through. How many other Republican states are going to do

the same thing, only get their textbooks from this one company? Here's hoping that some industrious report does a really deep dive into the connection between DeSantis and this company to see how much they have contributed to his re-election campaign and to Youngkin's campaign.

Like I said, I have never subscribed to conspiracy theories and I know this sounds like one, but I truly believe this warrants an investigation.
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