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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 52,781

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Robert Costa: Bolton on TFG and classified document handling. NO regard for security protocols!

(thread) I've been following up today on something
in recent days and it has led to a new understanding of a part of this story: how Trump handled defense and intelligence-related documents inside the White House, and how that led to the FBI search

(thread) I've been following up today on something @AmbJohnBolton told @CBSNews in recent days and it has led to a new understanding of a part of this story: how Trump handled defense and intelligence-related documents inside the White House, and how that led to the FBI search

To understand how certain documents landed in certain boxes, and then ultimately at Mar-a-Lago, you have to understand how Trump digested daily briefings.

What happened in the briefings often touched on the most sensitive aspects of U.S. national security and defense, as you'd expect for the commander-in-chief. But since much of the briefings were verbal, Trump would only glance at papers most days and sometimes asked to hold them.
"Sometimes they forgot."

That line stuck with me. If they forgot to take the papers back, where did they go?

That's the question I started asking intel types and former Trump officials today. If the briefers sometimes let him keep the papers, where did they go?
Here's more Bolton. A key exchange.
So, according to Bolton, you have a president who asks intelligence briefers to at times share documents after mostly verbal briefings. They take them back most of the time, but not all the time.

Then what? Here's what I've learned...
According to multiple sources who worked in the Trump White House, Trump had a tendency to work from the residence. He got briefed in the Oval and enjoyed the dining room, but enjoyed morning and evenings working from the residence.

And he'd often take a pile of stuff.
That transit, from West Wing to the residence, is where there was often a breakdown in the tracking of documents since most days few, if any, people confronted or asked Trump about what he was carrying, the sources said.
Trump at times kept those piles at the residence. At some point, some of those misc. piles were boxed up.

More Bolton:

COSTA: Why do you think he took potentially sensitive documents back to Florida after the presidency?

BOLTON: Because he thought he could get away with it.
(end) Bolton to @CBSNews: "I was always concerned about him asking for those documents, because once he had them and we left the Oval Office, there's no telling what he did with them."

TFG #TRE45ON had NO regard for decades-long established rules for handling classified documents. It was all a novelty to him

EmptyG showing why she's a founding member of the Gang of Dumb


Marjorie Taylor Greene believes generating electricity from “wind turbines and solar panels” will result in the loss of air conditioning and home appliances.

Greene: “I like the lights on. I want to stay up later at night. I don’t want to have to go to bed when the sun sets.”

I mean.... wow. The absolute idiocy

WAIT! Did TFG return a FAKE TS/SCI document??? USC 1519

I am very curious what DOJ was worried about re 1519

Hugo Lowell
NEW via Breitbart: Trump under investigation per search warrant for:
18 USC 2071 — Concealment, removal or mutilation
18 USC 793 — Gathering, transmitting or losing defence information
18 USC 1519 — Destruction, alteration or falsification of records in Federal investigations

Did #TRE45ON return a FAKE version of a TS/SCI document or documents???

Or fake altered one to appear to be declassified??

Guess that covers it. Thanks Mr Takei

So let me see if I have this straight. The documents were all turned over to the FBI, besides none of them was classified, but anyway they had been declassified, still they were probably planted, and you can look up nuclear weapons on your phone, plus look at Hillary and Obama.

Yes, the IRS is hiring criminal investigators empowered to use deadly force, but here's some context

Yes, the IRS is hiring criminal investigators empowered to use deadly force — but here’s some important context

Though the job is really about sniffing out income and accounting irregularities to build legal cases, one of the potential duties is “conduct[ing] or participat[ing] in surveillance, armed escorts, dignitary protection, undercover operations, execution of search and arrest warrants, seizures, etc.,” the job listing states.

There are 300 vacancies for that role, which pays between $50,704 and $89,636 annually, according to the listing.


As a starting point, the estimate of the IRS’s bringing on 87,000 new employees came in 2021 from the Treasury Department, the AP noted. It would be a multiyear hiring plan and would encompass extra auditors plus an array of other jobs amid retirement and other IRS attrition, the AP added.


Data show the criminal division is a sliver of the IRS’s overall workforce. The division includes approximately 3,000 employees, with 2,100 being sworn agents, the spokeswoman noted.

A little truth sandwich for lunch today

Price of oil/bbl is at lowest since mid-February

While it did dip a bit lower several days ago, the trend is downward.

Breaking: Surveillance video of FBI cracking the safe

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised

Paul Krugman FTW!!!


So the FBI raid on Mar a Lago was just a fission expedition?


Guess who DIDN'T plead the Fifth Amendment?

And testified under oath


For 11 hours!

Breaking: Consumer prices rose 8.5% in July, less than expected as inflation pressures ease a bit


The consumer price index, a measure of inflation, was expected to rise 8.7% in July from a year ago, according to Dow Jones estimates. Core inflation excluding food and energy was forecast to increase 6.1%.

This is breaking news. Please check back here for updates.

S&P 500 futures up 1.7%; Nasdaq-100 up 2.4%
Dow futures up 381 points, or 1.2%
Stock futures jump after July CPI reading
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