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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Trump Tried to Declassify Russia Probe Documents

At the end of Donald Trump’s presidency, his team returned a large batch of classified FBI documents and other government records to the Justice Department in such disarray that a year later -- in a letter to lawmakers -- the department said it still couldn’t tell which of the documents were the classified ones.

The documents came from the FBI’s controversial probe in 2016 looking at alleged links between Russia and Trump's presidential campaign. Trump tried to make the documents public the night before he left office, issuing a “declassification” memo and secretly meeting with conservative writer John Solomon, who was allowed to review the documents, Solomon told ABC News this past week.

But for reasons that are still not clear – and to the great frustration of Trump and his political allies – none of the documents were ever officially released, and the Justice Department said Thursday it's still working to determine which documents can be disclosed.


"I oppose abortion in all cases, unless it's to save the political life of the father"


can't verify this story, but oh my...

Did you see this story Mr Badd.Kushner and Ivanka handing over President's Daily briefings to MBS.🤬🤬🤬https://twitter.com/JasminePittend1/status/1578205407075766272?s=20&t=v22CSCu-3jAKJEDFO_lcwg

Changes made by Postmaster General DeJoy before 2020 election harmed US Postal Service, judge rules

A federal judge in Washington, DC, ruled Thursday that changes Postmaster General Louis DeJoy made to the US Postal Service before the 2020 election hurt mail delivery, and has put in place orders to prevent DeJoy from doing the same again.

Judge Emmet Sullivan said the USPS couldn’t bar postal workers from making late or extra delivery trips without permission from the Postal Regulatory Commission, an independent federal agency.

“Although the simultaneous implementation of multiple policy changes in June and July 2020 contributed to the decline in mail service and the overall confusion by postal workers, the record evidence demonstrates that changes to and impacts on the USPS transportation schedule regarding late and extra trips were the primary factor in affecting service on a nationwide or substantially nationwide basis,” Sullivan wrote in a 65-page opinion Thursday.

FOX: "Reefer Madness"

Dank Brandon - now available in Sativa, Indica & Malarkey.

FIRST PROUD BOY Member Pleads GUILTY To Seditious Conspiracy Charges For Role In 1/6 Capitol Attack

Justice Dept; "On the evening of Jan. 6, 2021, Bertino messaged Tarrio and celebrated the achievement, saying, among other things, “You know we made this happen,” and “1776 motherf****r.”

First Proud Boy to do so:


Jeremy Bertino, a top lieutenant to Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, is set to plead guilty to seditious conspiracy on Thursday, he told a federal judge in court.

Bertino, 43, will also plead guilty to unlawful possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. He is the first member of the Proud Boys to plead guilty to seditious conspiracy – a major boost to the historic prosecution of the far right organization.

Bertino was listed in previous indictments as “PERSON-1,” but has not publicly faced charges. He is not alleged to have been in Washington, DC on January 6. Prosecutors have previously outlined his involvement in Proud Boys leadership and extensive planning meetings and chats.


Judicial U-Turn will require felon AG Paxton to testify after all.

Judge reverses course and orders Texas attorney general to testify in abortion lawsuit

A federal judge who quashed subpoenas for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to testify in an abortion rights lawsuit is now reversing course and ordering the state’s top law enforcement official to provide testimony.

Paxton made headlines last week when he allegedly fled his home while a process server attempted to serve subpoenas requiring Paxton to testify at a federal hearing in Austin.

US District Judge Robert Pitman had quickly quashed the subpoenas after Paxton argued they had been served at the last minute, and that as a high-ranking government official, Paxton could not be compelled to testify in a hearing, as it would create undue burden.


POTUS: "No one fucks with a Biden"

That’s exactly right

Appeals court *grants* DOJ motion to expedite appeal of Judge Cannon's order

JUST IN: Appeals court *grants* DOJ motion to expedite appeal of Judge Cannon’s order appointing special master to oversee seized Mar-a-Lago docs.

When photoshop is used for good it is so much fun.

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