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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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This understates things. Durham's first public move ... has a problem.

Barb McQuade

FBI lawyer charged with altering an email for Page FISA application clearly violated law, but consider what this is and is not. This does not change fact that DOJ IG found Russia investigation was properly opened 11 months BEFORE this conduct occurred.

In other words, this malfeasance was not material in initiating the Russian interference investigation.


Al Franken Has Something To Say About Homeland Security Officials

BREAKING: Illegal Immigrants Demand that Illegal Homeland Security Officials Wolf and Cuccinelli be Separated from Their Children.


Joe Biden: Voting by mail is safe & don't take my word for it: Take it from Potus who just requested

his mail-in ballot for the Florida primary on Tuesday.


Which Side On YOU On?


I rarely post in the lounge, BUT...


When my single friends ask me what marriage is like I show them this video and say “It’s a lot of this”


Tears & Hope: Lukashenko's people seem to be turning against him

Lukashenko’s people seem to be turning against him:

This must be the beginning of something: the last time that many protesters gathered at the independence square in central Minsk, they were violently dispersed. Hopefully this night will bring something else. People chant “Sveta” referring to Svetlana Tikhanovskaya

History in the making in #Belarus. #Lukashenko’s state police drop their attacking gear and let free Belarusians embrace them. Freedom and change are becoming tangible across Belarus.


Manhattan DA: We're Investigating Trump For More Than Michael Cohen


“Given that this much information about potentially widespread and protracted criminal conduct was in the public record (and without going into any additional, nonpublic sources), it is not plausible to speculate, let alone infer, that the grand jury investigation was limited to Cohen’s 2016 payments,” attorneys for Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance wrote in a Friday court filing.

The statement comes after Vance suggested on Aug. 3 that he was probing the Trump organization for fraud, citing multiple news reports purporting to document a pattern by which Trump would interfere with the book value of his assets in representations to lenders and insurers.


The Manhattan DA reiterated in the filing that the probe extends beyond the 2016 hush money scandal.

“Plaintiff has been put on notice repeatedly throughout this litigation that the investigation was not limited to Cohen’s 2016 payments,” prosecutors wrote.

Read the filing here:

Marge Simpson Has Something to Say



HUGE Irony of this ZOOM court hearing --

to decide if a judge will decide a case that would allow Gov Ron DeSantis
to force teachers to go back and work in classrooms IN PERSON. Yet the court hearing is virtual

Today a Leon County, Florida Judge will decide if he is going to dismiss the Florida teachers union’s lawsuit against Governor DeSantis seeking delay of school reopenings


Nor mine...

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