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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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The danger of documenting the atrocity: Freddie Gray videographer has been arrested at gunpoint

Kevin Moore, the man who filmed Freddie Gray's brutal arrest, has now himself been arrested following "harassment and intimidation" from Baltimore police.

Moore was arrested at gunpoint last night along with two other members of Cop Watch, a group dedicated to filming and documenting police work.

His video of Gray's arrest was shot shortly before the man suffered spinal injuries while in police custody that led to his death.

Moore claims that despite having co-operated with two detectives in the Baltimore Police Department’s Office of Internal Oversight and given them the video, police posted his photo and told the public that he was "wanted for questioning", asking people to identify him.

"What is so important that you have to plaster my picture over the Internet? I've already spoken," Moore said, suggesting that they posted it simply to intimidate him.


KRUGMAN!!!: Ideology and Integrity

MAY 1, 2015
Paul Krugman

The 2016 campaign should be almost entirely about issues. The parties are far apart on everything from the environment to fiscal policy to health care, and history tells us that what politicians say during a campaign is a good guide to how they will govern.

Nonetheless, many in the news media will try to make the campaign about personalities and character instead. And character isn’t totally irrelevant. The next president will surely encounter issues that aren’t currently on anyone’s agenda, so it matters how he or she is likely to react. But the character trait that will matter most isn’t one the press likes to focus on. In fact, it’s actively discouraged.

You see, you shouldn’t care whether a candidate is someone you’d like to have a beer with. Nor should you care about politicians’ sex lives, or even their spending habits unless they involve clear corruption. No, what you should really look for, in a world that keeps throwing nasty surprises at us, is intellectual integrity: the willingness to face facts even if they’re at odds with one’s preconceptions, the willingness to admit mistakes and change course.

And that’s a virtue in very short supply.


Dr. Phil Corrects Fox News On Baltimore's Equality Of Opportunity

Kilmeade: “This is like the fourth major inner city uprising, and we keep saying where’s the character, where are the parents, where’s the opportunity, where are the role models? How long are we going to keep saying, ‘Where are they and what can be done to change this?’ Because those kids have the same potential as your kids and our kids.”

Dr. Phil: “I’m not sure that’s true. They may have the same potential, but I’m not sure they have the same opportunities because the fact is the school system is not necessarily the same, the resources are not necessarily the same, the leadership that they have from the parents because of the generational pass-throughs are not the same. There’s no question that they have a steep hill and a tough row to hoe."

well done Dr. Phil:

Freddie Gray"a fourth, previously undisclosed stop by the police"

Local television station WJLA said the medical examiner saw no evidence that Gray suffered the fatal injury during his arrest, pointing instead to the injury happening during his ride in the police van, multiple law enforcement sources told the ABC affiliate.

The medical examiner found that Gray appeared to break his neck when his head slammed into the back of the van, the sources told WJLA. He also suffered a head wound matching a bolt jutting from the vehicle's back door.

The WJLA report said it was still unclear what caused Gray to bang his head. He was not wearing restraints during the ride, a violation of department policies.

Police offered a fresh wrinkle to Gray's case on Thursday, saying officials learned of a fourth, previously undisclosed stop by the police van en route to the station house after viewing footage from a private camera. It was not immediately known what the footage revealed about Gray's injury.




"STFU & Be NonViolent"


Cop Who Arrested Freddie Gray Had Guns Confiscated Over Mental Health

BALTIMORE (AP) — The highest-ranking Baltimore police officer in the arrest that led to Freddie Gray's death was hospitalized in April 2012 over mental health concerns for an unknown duration and had his guns confiscated by local sheriff's deputies, according to records from the sheriff's office and court obtained by The Associated Press.

Lt. Brian Rice, who initially pursued Gray on a Baltimore street when Gray fled after Rice made eye contact April 12, declared three years ago that he "could not continue to go on like this" and threatened to commit an act that was censored in the public version of a report obtained by the AP from the Carroll County, Maryland, Sheriff's Office. Rice lived in the county, about 35 miles northwest of Baltimore. At the time, deputies were responding to a request to check on his welfare by a fellow Baltimore police officer who is the mother of Rice's son.

Deputies reported that Rice appeared "normal and soft spoken" and said he had been seeking "sympathy and attention." But citing "credible information," the deputies confiscated both his official and personal guns, called his commanding officer and transported Rice to the Carroll Hospital Center. The weapons included his .40-caliber police pistol, a 9 mm handgun, an AK-47-style rifle, a .22-caliber rifle and two shotguns.

It was not immediately clear how long Rice was at the hospital or whether he went on his own accord. Rice declined to speak with the AP or discuss allegations in a subsequent court filing that he had behaved in erratic or threatening ways toward family members. When the AP visited Rice's home last week and left a note requesting an interview, Rice called the sheriff's department to report the visit as trespassing. Karen McAleer, the mother of his son, also declined to speak with the AP.


When it's ok to riot according to main stream media:


Jon Stewart and his wife bought a farm, plan to create an animal sanctuary

Living the Farm Sanctuary life is something Jon and his wife Tracey have been doing a lot of lately. Tracey discovered Farm Sanctuary after happening upon a copy of Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food in a rental house where she was staying. Baur’s 2008 account of the conception and evolution of Farm Sanctuary inspired Tracey to reach out to the organization. At first it was in search of moving animal rescue stories to share in her upcoming book Do Unto Animals, and with readers of her magazine, Moomah (the current issue of which is entirely devoted to veganism), but as her devotion to farm animals grew, she found herself attending the group’s annual Farm Animal Care Conference at their New York Shelter, and bringing her children to meet the animals at their Southern California Shelter. Meanwhile, Jon devoted an 8-minute comedy segment on “The Daily Show” to the absurdity of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s refusal to sign a bill that would end the lifelong confinement of pigs in crates so small they can’t even turn around.

The Stewarts’ efforts to spread compassion for farm animals don’t stop there. The couple recently bought a farm in New Jersey with the intention of providing a home for farm animals rescued from cruelty, and in November, Tracey purchased Adopt a Farm Animal sponsorships for all of their Thanksgiving guests. Even their children are living the Farm Sanctuary life, with Tracey noting that “promises of animal shelter visits in exchange for completed homework are the norm in the Stewart household.”

According to Tracey, “the joy of interacting with animals as friends instead of using them for human consumption is life-changing. A trip to Farm Sanctuary should be on everyone’s to-do list, but you can also bring a little bit of sanctuary home when you sponsor an animal through the Adopt a Farm Animal Program.” Or pick up a copy of Baur’s new book.

For all of these reasons and more, Farm Sanctuary has named two rescued sheep Jon and Tracey (who recently had a baby boy named Hazelton!) in honor of the compassionate couple, and will be honoring their human counterparts at their Gala on October 24 in New York City.

To learn more about Farm Sanctuary, visit farmsanctuary.org.
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