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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 67,645

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Sadder than his inauguration.


Kaleigh didn't have an answer to that question in her magic binder.

From todayís White House briefing:

REPORTER: Is there any concern that Herman Cain contracted Covid at the presidentís rally in Tulsa?

KAYLEIGH McENANY: I will not politicize Herman Cainís passing.


Ka-boom. Fauci drops some science truth bombs re: hydroxychloroquine

Ka-boom. Fauci drops some science truth bomb on @RepBlaine. Just cuz itís peer reviewed and on internet doesnít make it right. Study quality and design matters. If only there was a body of experts that reviews that... (checks notes)... oh, the FDA! Which blocked HCQ use

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer pushes idea that hydroxychloroquine can be an effective treatment for COVID-19 and cites a study.

Fauci: "That was a flawed study."

@RepBlaine: It was peer-reviewed.

Fauci: You can peer-review anything; this was not randomized, placebo-controlled.


Trump is running the country like a business. One of his casinos.


Brutal tweet

Marco Rubio is mourning the passing of his friend, Herman Cain.


This trump quote left me aghast

Q: "How can you assure people that schools will be safely reopened?"

TRUMP: "So, can you assure anybody of anything?"


Trump to Cain's family: Everyone signed liability waiver so no responsibility for killing him

I'm wondering if Trump reminded Cain's family that everyone signed a liability waiver so he can't be held responsible for killing him?


SYMBOLISM ALERT: VP Pence ran into a dump truck.

About 10 minute into the ride on tight roads, the Trump bus & motorcade has stopped. On background: was a "minor fender bender" involving campaign bus & VP is now moving to the limo.

Your pooler saw a large dump truck with a beat up from driver's side fender. Drive is now conferring with law enforcement in near by parking lot.


Oprah Winfrey gives up cover of O magazine for Breonna Taylor tribute


Oprah Winfrey has given up the cover of her magazine for the first time as a tribute to Breonna Taylor.

Winfrey has appeared as the cover subject of O, The Oprah Magazine for the past 20 years. But she wrote in her column featuring Taylor ó who was fatally shot by police when they stormed her Louisville, Ky., home on March 13 ó ďWhat I know for sure: We canít be silent. We have to use whatever megaphone we have to cry for justice. And that is why Breonna Taylor is on the cover.Ē

The historic move comes before the mag ends its print run at the end of the year and moves to digital-only.

The September issue also features a silhouette of Taylor by Janelle Washington, with 89 names from the African American Policy Forumís #SayHerName campaign. Each page of the issue, out Aug. 11, includes anti-racist actions readers can take.


We aren't even better off than 20 days ago!

Average US coronavirus deaths:

Right now: 1,015 deaths per day
5 days ago: 848 deaths per day
10 days ago: 768 deaths per day
15 days ago: 749 deaths per day
20 days ago: 588 deaths per day

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