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I went into the belly of the beast and found out some specifics about what Romney plans to do.

I copied some of the here. I added some explanations of the letters he used since he did not take the time to explain what they were, (Like the LSC - Legal Services Council which he wants to eliminate).
Anyway I hope I help someone with this information.


These are some of his proposals - straight from his site.

Reduce Subsidies For

The National Endowments For The Arts And Humanities,
The Corporation For Public Broadcasting,
The Legal Services Corporation
NEA, (National Educational Association - my addition clarification)
NEH, (National Endowment for the Humanities - my clarification)
CPB, (Corporate public broadcasting - my clarification)
LSC, (Legal Services Corporations - my clarification) funds services mostly duplicative of those already offered by states, localities, bar associations and private organizations.
Eliminate Title X Family Planning Funding — Title X subsidizes family planning programs that benefit abortion groups like Planned Parenthood.

Empower States To Innovate

Block grants have huge potential to generate both superior results and cost savings by establishing local control and promoting innovation in areas such as Medicaid and Worker Retraining. Medicaid spending should be capped and increased each year by CPI + 1%. Department of Labor retraining spending should be capped and will increase in future years. These funds should then be given to the states to spend on their own residents. States will be free from Washington micromanagement, allowing them to develop innovative approaches that improve quality and reduce cost.

Align Federal Employee Compensation With The Private Sector — Federal compensation exceeds private sector levels by as much as 30 to 40 percent when benefits are taken into account. This must be corrected.
Repeal The Davis-Bacon Act — Davis-Bacon forces the government to pay above-market wages, insulating labor unions from competition and driving up project costs by approximately 10 percent.

(me - The Davis-Bacon Act is a requirement to pay prevailing wages for federal contractors not above market wages)

Reform Environmental Regulation

As president, Mitt Romney will eliminate the regulations promulgated in pursuit of the Obama administration’s costly and ineffective anti-carbon agenda. Romney will also press Congress to reform our environmental laws to ensure that they allow for a proper assessment of their costs.

Ensure that environmental laws properly account for cost in regulatory process
Provide multi-year lead times before companies must come into compliance with onerous new environmental regulations

Adopt Structural Reforms

An agency may be able to conceive of ten different regulations, each imposing costs of $10 billion while producing at least as much in social benefit. Moving forward might sound like a great idea to the typical regulator. But imposing those regulations, no matter what the social benefits, has a similar effect to raising taxes by $100 billion. Regulatory costs need to be treated like the very real costs they are.

Impose a regulatory cap of zero dollars on all federal agencies
Require congressional approval of all new “major” regulations
Reform legal liability system to prevent spurious litigation

Free Enterprise

Amend NLRA, (National Labor Relations Act - my clarification) to explicitly protect the right of business owners to allocate their capital as they see fit
Reverse executive orders issued by President Obama that tilt the playing field toward organized labor

Support states in pursuing Right-to-Work laws, (Right-to-work states prohibit mandatory organized labor and thus the labor unions have very little clout and the wages in these states, such as Florida are very low - me)

Individual Taxes

Make permanent, across-the-board 20 percent cut in marginal rates
Maintain current tax rates on interest, dividends, and capital gains
Eliminate taxes for taxpayers with AGI, (Adjusted gross income) below $200,000 on interest, dividends, and capital gains
Eliminate the Death Tax
Repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)


Mitt will establish the most robust five-year offshore lease plan in history, that opens new areas for resource development – including off the coasts of Virginia and the Carolinas – and sets minimum production targets to increase accountability.

Instead of relying on decades-old surveys developed with decades-old technologies, Mitt’s plan facilitates new energy assessments to determine the true extent of our resource endowment.

Mitt will pursue measured reforms of our environmental laws and regulations to strengthen environmental protection without destroying jobs or paralyzing industries. Mitt’s plan will also streamline the gauntlet of reviews, processes, administrative procedures, and lawsuits that mire so many new projects in red tape.

(me - more drilling, fracking and bad things for the environment)

Can someone get together or find someone to get together a video of Romney's lies

tonight at the debate, one by one, followed by him telling something completely different at another debate, rally or fundraiser and get it on TV or put it here and we'll get it to go viral?

For one thing the people who think Romney did a good job will see how he was just full of it again and another thing Romney will lose confidence for the next debate.

And the final reason is it is the right thing to do damn it!

I don't know how to make videos but I would be very willing to help locate the "otherwise stated".
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