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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 18,366

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"If these charges prove to be true then he should be punished"

Fuck all of them for this

From now on, every allegation I hear about a Democrat will be followed by that sentence.

There is too much evidence that these accusations are a set up by Roger Stone and the GOP

You have got to listen to this pastor on Joy's show

He goes on right after that man who was once an evangelical and has now become the mouthpiece of everything that is wrong with evangelicals. Sorry, in a rush.

The second one is a black pastor and what he says about what evangelicals should do will blow your mind - in a bad way Around 3:26

Mika on Morning Joe reads fantastic exerts about Al Franken

GOP tax plan in a graph


Someone please check out Moore's campaign manager for past behavior with women

The guy just said that Moore, "Never acted even the slightest bit inappropriately"

Question - What is YOUR IDEA about what is appropriate behavior toward women? I seriously wonder about any man saying Moore behaved appropriately around women they saw him with, (for 20+ years) when so many other people are saying, at the very least he was a creep who leered at women and made them feel uncomfortable. They all say he is a creep and you say he is "always appropriate". That makes me question YOU.

There has been not one person stand up for Trump's behavior toward women. No one has ever said they knew Trump for a long time and he was always appropriately behaved around women. The only people who would say such a thing are people who behave the same way. like Harvey Weinstein.

His name is Philip Jauregui.

Fox news managment should be outed for sexual harassment of their female commentators

They force the women to wear short skirts and tight-fitting outfits. They shoot from angles so that if the women didn't keep their legs to tightly closed you could see their crotches, (Check out Fox and Friends). That is sexualizing the women who were hired to be news commentators.

If any other company forced their women to wear such clothes, (unless it was part of a gig like models), they would be sued for sexual harassment. Why does Fox get away with it?

If Roy Moore drops out does Doug Jones win? Do they put

someone else in?

I think I want him to stay in now because I think he will be beaten by Jones.

Kiteh is really relaxed. From Twitter


These pics of Victoria Secret plus models next to their other models is great!

I think the curvey girls look better than the regular ones! What are people thinking?

(I do notice none of the heavy girls have big stomachs which give me a sad though)


I'm having a manic episode and I can't stand it

I am full of rage. I haven't slept. I have sent out several emails to my brother, who is a piece of shit and has been stealing money from our trust fund but that is beside the point.

My body feels like a locomotive is running through it. And I called the doctor yesterday, he prescribed a medication to help me get down but 2 fucking pharmacies didn't have it in stock and won't get it until today.

So I have to wait. Unless I check myself into the hospital for a couple days, which I don't want to do.

I just want a frigging break from this!

PS I just took 2 Klonopin and 2 Vicodin. I have a few drinks last night but I'm sure they have burned off. Not that they calmed me down at all

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