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Daily USA COVID-19 new cases per million capita, for 7 day period ending Oct. 23

from: https://twitter.com/euromaestro/status/1319977214574735360


Research associate @FAScientists #COVID19 analysis & policy

question: Is the Biden campaign advertising very much on Facebook ?

I rarely go on Facebook. Is the campaign a significant presence there ? A sincere non-trollish question, as always. Thank you in advance.


Dr. Fauci: The Trump Campaign Is 'In Effect Harassing Me'


The nation’s top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci demanded that the Trump campaign refrain from using him in future campaign ads, saying Monday that it would be “outrageous” and “terrible” if he was featured in another commercial and it could “come back to backfire” on Team Trump.

Asked by The Daily Beast if his comments were a thinly-veiled thread to leave his post if he ended up in a new campaign spot, Fauci: “Not a chance.”


From there, Fauci went on to explain what he meant by “backfire.”

"By doing this against my will, they are in effect harassing me,” Fauci said. “Since campaign ads are about getting votes, their harassment of me might have the opposite effect of turning some voters off."

You go, Dr. Fauci ! Maintain your integrity, no matter what !

Interesting video of COVID-19 cases vs. partisan leaning, June 1st to October


Trump boards AF1 by easier staircase, correct or not ?



sincere question about the ACA and Republicans' obsession with repealing it

I don't read or watch Fox News or RW sites. So, this is a sincere question.

Do they desperately want to repeal it because:

A- it was enacted by a Democrat and bears his name ("Obamacare" ) ?
B- that President was a black man ?
C- the RW thinks the ACA is, supposedly, a "government takeover" of healthcare ?
D- the ACA limits income and future income to some ?
E- All of the above ?

It just amazes me how vehemently they want to repeal what, to me, is a good law. Yes, it's not Medicare-for-all, but it is a good step forward. Thanks in advance.

ETA: In Option D, I mean some doctors, hospitals, medical device manufacturers and insurance companies.

Something to make you smile: older man dancing to guitarist


ETA: I got really curious where this was filmed. After some googling, the scene *might* in The Hague, Netherlands, on 27 Lange Poten.

https://bit.ly/2FnObCA (safe link) to see the exact location in street view.

Florida will be 'like a house on fire' in weeks with loose coronavirus restrictions, infectious.....

Florida will be 'like a house on fire' in weeks with loose coronavirus restrictions, infectious disease expert says


As health officials in Florida reported nearly 3,000 new cases of coronavirus on Friday, the state is bracing to become "like a house on fire," an infectious disease expert says.

"Florida is ripe for another large outbreak," said Mike Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.

"What they've done is opened up everything as if nothing had ever happened there and you and I could be talking probably in eight to 10 weeks, and I will likely bet that Florida will be a house on fire," Osterholm told CNN's Jake Tapper.

Health officials in Florida reported 2,908 new cases of Covid-19 and 118 deaths on Friday, according to data from the Florida Department of Health. The agency has reported at least 2,200 new cases daily for four consecutive days.

Whistleblower: "The polls show @realDonaldTrump losing badly with women. He'd be doing worse if..."

Threadreader for Facebook:
→→→ https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1315302842853289984.html ←←←

The polls show @realDonaldTrump
losing badly with women. He’d be doing worse if they saw the misogyny I witnessed inside the Trump Administration. *A short thread.*












Miles Taylor was the whistleblower for this story: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/at-homeland-security-i-saw-firsthand-how-dangerous-trump-is-for-america/2020/08/17/f10bb92e-e0a3-11ea-b69b-64f7b0477ed4_story.html

The UK is telling ministers to cozy up to the Biden camp, as Boris Johnson is 'writing off Trump'...

The UK is telling ministers to cozy up to the Biden camp, as Boris Johnson is 'writing off Trump' in the upcoming US election


Boris Johnson's government has told ministers to forge ties with the Joe Biden campaign, sensing that Donald Trump is likely to lose the US election, according to The Sunday Times.

"They're writing off Trump in No 10 (the prime minister's official residency) now," a senior Conservative Party aide told the newspaper.

The paper said that Johnson and his team viewed a series of private polls indicating that Biden had a 70% chance of winning on November 3.

With 23 days to go, most public polls suggest that Biden does have a lead over Trump.
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