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Why do I need to vaccinate my puppy?

In the old days, we let our dogs run around outside in the dirt and threw real sticks rather than sterilized Kongs like people do nowdays. Our dogs developed immunities gradually as they were exposed, not all in one like they do now with vaccinations. My dogs all survived.

I would rather buy her healthy food and stimulate her immune system to act properly if he ever comes across a disease than inject her with those chemicals which "they" say are safe, but we all know "they" lie and want only to make money.

Now they want me to bring my young puppy in to inject multiple diseases into him at the same time every couple months. I am worried about overwhelming her sensitive immune system and don't really see the need for these vaccines anyway. I don't take him around sick dogs and if the vaccines were any good, they'd last forever.

I don't know of any dog who has had rabies, it isn't where I live so why should I risk my sweet fluffy puppy and expose her to all those nasty chemicals?


Where do Muslims condemn violence? Here.

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