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Unwind Your Mind

Unwind Your Mind's Journal
Unwind Your Mind's Journal
October 13, 2017

Thank you everyone

I felt like letting you all know about the fund was a small thing I could do, we all feel so helpless.

I've been spending my energy holding my own family together. My in laws are here with us and they are devastated. They're both very hearty but they are 78 and 80 years old so it's been very hard on them. We've evacuated from here once and remain on alert now.

What has been amazing is the outpouring of support, both from the community and our extended family and friends. Our neighbors have pulled together and looked out for each other. We'll all be closer after this.

I'm very grateful for many things, we're alive, we're together, we have power and hot water

And hey, I don't think I've ever hit the greatest page before.

Thank you

October 12, 2017

We're in the northeast valley of Santa Rosa, just over the hill from Calistoga

And fires still burn in two other directions.

My in laws and and least a couple dozen of our friends have lost their homes.

It is devastating and I'm especially worried for renters who may not have insurance.

If you'd like to help, the Redwood Credit Union has set up a donation fund, I'm sorry I don't have a link.

We are exhausted and heartbroken and none of us is out of the woods yet.

Keep us in your thoughts please.

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