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Great pictures of the crowd in Lansing

Public Money Finds Back Door to Private Schools

Source: NY Times

When the Georgia legislature passed a private school scholarship program in 2008, lawmakers promoted it as a way to give poor children the same education choices as the wealthy.

The program would be supported by donations to nonprofit scholarship groups, and Georgians who contributed would receive dollar-for-dollar tax credits, up to $2,500 a couple. The intent was that money otherwise due to the Georgia treasury — about $50 million a year — would be used instead to help needy students escape struggling public schools.

That was the idea, at least. But parents meeting at Gwinnett Christian Academy got a completely different story last year.

“A very small percentage of that money will be set aside for a needs-based scholarship fund,” Wyatt Bozeman, an administrator at the school near Atlanta, said during an informational session. “The rest of the money will be channeled to the family that raised it.”

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/22/education/scholarship-funds-meant-for-needy-benefit-private-schools.html?ref=todayspaper

This is an in-depth article examining the shell-game that is moving public money out of public schools and funding private schools - and religious-based - education.


Yesterday I posted the title of an old Vaudeville song that was a widely used march during the first and second world war, and has been repeated in motion pictures, animated cartoons, and television shows. I meant it as a quip towards the topic of the thread I posted it in, but clearly it was not a well enough known meme that it was recognized by the readers of the thread, and it was my mistake for not properly gauging that. I understand that the line is sexist, and so it was a poor judgment for me to post it without sufficient context or background information. Clearly the line could be - and was - interpreted only on the surface level of the content of the words and not the context of relating a meme of our culture to the topic at hand - e.g., the irony of considering the issue in our culture that has traditionally held very different views. My fault, and I sincerely apologize. When one is skirting the lines of an issue as important as sexism there is no room for one to be less than clear.

I leave you with a link to a scene from the television show "Mash" as an example, but will preface it with the warning "not to click" if you have concerns that you might find it offensive.

Brainerd High principal offers wake-up call to Tea Party

Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press

Brainerd High Principal Charles Joynes offered a stern wake-up call to a group of self-described "white guys" Thursday night when he spoke to the Chattanooga Tea Party.

"What if you had been born to a single mother in the Harriet Tubman projects?" he asked. "If it were not for the grace of God, that could be you."

After his speech in the Century Club Banquet Hall on Harrison Pike, the whole room gave the inner-city principal a standing ovation, and some men put wads of cash in Joynes' hands afterward. They told him to use it for the students at Brainerd, for the ones who didn't have a cap and gown to graduate, for the ones who can't afford the field trips or the sports equipment.

"I'm just a white guy," said Tony Rubik, a Bakewell resident. "I don't know a lot about the black community. But I'm going to find out now what I can do."

Read more: http://timesfreepress.com/news/2012/apr/20/principal-offers-wake-up-call-to-tea-party/

read this


Do you think that ZImmerman has already left the country?

His lawyers said they are dropping him because they can't get in contact with him, then this morning they said he is in hiding for his own safety. Has he already made a run for the border?

Boyce Watkins is beginning to think so - http://www.kulturekritic.com/2012/04/uncategorized/trayvons-parents-think-zimmerman-is-a-flight-risk-i-think-hes-already-running/


they are sitting the stage real good to lead up to the 16th-20th

to me I don't think it matters if Trayvon was beating up Zimmerman

I was going through this in my head.

I've read the "stand your ground" law and I think I understand the self-defence aspect.

Here's the thing, to me.

Zimmerman calls 911. He knows police are coming. He keeps following Trayvon.

Everybody agrees on that so far.

Then there are discrepancies in the stories.

Zimmerman's story is that Trayvon attacked him, broke his nose, beat his head on the sidewalk.

Then at some point Zimmerman pulls out a handgun.

What gets me, and this is just me personally, is why did he have to pull the trigger?

I don't really see that it matters who pushed who first or last, Zimmerman is the guy in charge.
I mean, he knows the police are coming. He has the pistol so he is in charge of the situation. He has the control.

Why doesn't he yell "freeze!" "Stop!" "Put your hands where I can see them!" "I Swear to God if you move I'm going to shoot you!" "Get the fuck down on the ground now! NOW!"

I have a hard time believing he couldn't subdue the guy.

I just have a hard time understanding that a bigger guy with a pistol can't control a 17-year-old long enough for the Police to get there.

And it isn't that the "stand your ground" law makes that OK. He has to reasonably be afraid for his life or serious bodily harm. How would he reasonably be afraid that the guy he is pointing a pistol at is going to kill him before the police get there? I mean really?

And that's the legal side - the moral/ethical side, I don't see shoot first. Man, if you are going to shoot somebody you try to avoid it first. I don't see how he couldn't have avoided that. I said the other night that there were a ton of ways he could have gotten out of that situation without killing the guy. Legally that might not be murder 1 or even 2, but morally it is just pitiful.

Didn't your Dad's tell you over and over - that if you pull that trigger it is a done deal there is no going back? Done, final, last resort. Don't do it unless you mean it.

I think it was cowardly.

I think Zimmerman should be on suicide watch - he's got a lot to live with.

Just my opinion and of course I don't know any more facts about it than anyone else.

See, he's an uppity black man

I followed the link to hannity show about the secret hidden tapes.

I watched about five minutes of it, and I couldn't bear with it anymore.

What a bunch of idiots. An idiot carnival.

They took a joke "I hid that during 2008 but I don't care if they see it now" and act like it is a grave admission of some horrible guilt.

The little geeky blog commenter guy says, and I'm paraphrasing "and this demonstration was not about diversity. It was about a professor going on a voluntary sabbatical in protest of a tenure decision. And that was about diversity, so that there would be more women and minority faculty. But this wasn't about diversity, it was about radicalism."

It was radical because "just months before, the professor had given a speech in Chicago where he said that the civil rights movement had been a sham because there was still racism." See, radical!

I mean, really, that's what the guy was saying.

The point they are making is "See, we told you! He really is an uppity black man!"

That's what the whole "radical agenda" is, uppity black folks having the nads to say that people (like these dumbasses) are racist.

See, there I go playing the race card.

Ridgeland High School art teacher wins ring, plans to sell it to buy classroom kiln

Chattanooga Times Free Press



"I don't have any need of a diamond ring, but I really desperately need a kiln for my classroom," said Couey, the school's visual arts instructor. "If the school had the money, they would pay for this. But they don't have the money.

The band raffled the engagement ring, which was donated by a widowed "band mom" who wishes to remain anonymous, to help raise the roughly $25,000 needed to buy new band uniforms.

The month-long raffle, timed so the ring could be sized for Valentine's Day, raised $9,160, Band Director Rick Chambers said.


my comment: National interest? I don't know. But of all the news I've read in a while this was the awesomest story.

Couey's ring has three solitaire diamonds and six accent diamonds set in 14-karat white gold. It's about a size 9. To make an offer, email her at erikacouey@walkerschools.org.


Thanks for the valentine heart. Really did make my day.

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