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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 235,847

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Just wait for one more woman to say Groper Don the Con grabbed her parts

because he flat out lied to Anderson Cooper - locker room conversation my ass

Rude, interrupting, lying, stalking

and still uninformed. It is over - only the base will eat this

Please Hillary - remind America that he imported all his steel from


Jumps from Syria to Mosul

and starts shouting

Shut him up Moderators

This is madness

Seriously the rest of the world cannot believe this shit

Don the Con is a raving lunatic.

Matthew was a deadly and destructive hurricane

over 900 died in Haiti; 20 died in the US - no word of deaths in the Bahamas or Cuba - hope you all recover soon. There would have been many more deaths without the warnings.
Big up the NHC, Weather Underground, local forecasters and local and national emergency agencies.
Matthew survived for over two weeks.

Robert De Niro: ‘I’d like to punch Donald Trump in the face’ – video


Actor and director Robert de Niro gives his take on the US presidential election, and on Republican nominee Donald Trump in particular, as part of a campaign urging people to vote in the 8 November poll. De Niro is one of a number of celebrities who took part in the #VoteYourFuture initiative but his scathing contribution was considered to be too partisan to be included in the final campaign, and was instead released separately by the producers on Friday

Freaking perfect

How will the ReTHUG implosion end DUers

Your thoughts!

How far will they go to stop Groper Don the Con?

Who will be left standing??

Will he even show up tonight???

President Obama will be speaking about matters sexual assault - HEADSUP

and the open mike

Any time now
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