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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
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Cameron has lost his job – his Teflon cockiness has finally worn off

Financial chaos, economic crisis, the likely breakaway of Scotland and possibly Northern Ireland: quite a morning’s work for the Bullingdon Club.

Remember as the pound plunges and the markets slide that this entire referendum was called by David Cameron to fend off Nigel Farage and his own Tory ultras. There was no public outcry for a ballot – but for the sake of a bit of internal party management, he called one anyway. He gambled Britain and Europe’s future to shore up his own position. With all the confidence of a member of the Etonian officer class, he thought he’d win. Instead he has bungled so badly that the fallout will drag on for years, disrupting tens of millions of lives across Europe.

All this from a man who sauntered into the job of prime minister “because I thought I’d be good at it”. He rarely showed any reason for such self-confidence. His plans to modernise the Conservative party crumbled upon first touch with the banking crisis, which forced him and Osborne to reheat the Thatcherite economics they’d imbibed as students. The “big society” turned almost immediately back into the Small State. At No 10, he launched an austerity drive that was meant to be over within five years, but is now scheduled to go on for double that. Other prime ministers handed power for a long stretch come up with ideas, policies, a style of governing that defines them: Thatcherism, Blairism. What was Cameronism, apart from a hectoring manner at PMQs and an inability to keep on top of detail?

You’ll be reminded endlessly over the next few days how tight this referendum was – that half the country didn’t vote for this. Quite right – and also serious evidence of the weakness of the PM. At the last referendum over Britain’s future in Europe, in 1975, Harold Wilson secured a whopping majority. Never a man to ask a question of whose answer he wasn’t absolutely certain, he got a landslide. But when Cameron was handed the full resources of the British state to run this campaign, he still couldn’t count on anything more than a small lead in the polls. A born member of the governing class, he simply wasn’t able to govern.

We've taken the lighthouse in Florida...in Scotland

Don the Con speaking at his golf location before BBC cut him.

Cameron stepping down

Bye bye two face Cameron

Lawrence has the Scottish man who's flying the Mexican flag for Don The Con

coming up

Dignity and Decorum

Where was Paul Ryan when that ReTHUG Congressman called the President of the United States a liar in the middle of his State of the Union Address?

Where was the fucking dignity and decorum then?

Fuck you Paul Ryan.

Has anyone asked Ryan how he feels about the longest serving ReTHUG Speaker

entering the prison system yesterday. I'm still waiting for video.

Hey Paul Ryan

Go Cheney yourself!!!

Terrorism was the issue at Sandy Hook? The vast majority of mass shootings are done by AMericans including Orlando

Holy SHite

Speaking on the 4-4, Diaz- Balart just said 'Had Alito been alive...' - clearly he meant Scalia.

Breaking - Armed man 'opens fire at German cinema'

A masked man with a gun and ammunition belt opened fire in a cinema complex in the small western German town of Viernheim, near Frankfurt and barricaded himself inside, German media have reported.

Bild daily and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported that elite police were on their way to the scene.

The Darmstaedter Echo said 20 to 50 people had been injured, though initial reports suggested the injuries may have been caused by tear gas.

Police were not immediately available to comment.

More details soon …

Donald Trump faces wall of opposition as he returns to Scotland

When Susie and John Munro bought their cottage 35 years ago they had a clear view of Girdle Ness lighthouse in Aberdeen 10 miles south and the rugged, towering dunes which became their kids’ playground. All they can see now is an earth wall built by Donald Trump for “the world’s greatest golf course”, to hide their home from sight.

The berm, which reaches four metres-high and sits opposite their front door, entirely blocks out the horizon and the sea. A hefty locked gate blocks the public road they once used to reach the beach. In heavy rain, say the Munros, the road now floods. At times, they say Trump’s security staff sit in 4x4 vehicles watching their movements.

“He has just ruined it for us here. He has just hemmed us in,” Susie Munro said. “He just did what he pleased and the council just turned a blind eye.” And in a reference to his presidential campaign pledge to deal with immigration, she says quietly: “Mr Trump likes his walls.”
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