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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 235,456

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So let me see if I get this straight

Don the Con has no problem with police killing unarmed African-Americans but he is very concerned with inner city crime and shootings.

OK then King Con!!

Good Morning DUers - you know I really really really

really really really detest JoeScum.

That is all

I hope Lester Holt asks Don the Con for his views

on 'bringing back slavery' like one of his deplorable goons suggested before he was fired.

In case you missed Obama at the UN General Assembly today

Sadly there are lots of persons who hate paying taxes

and pretend to hate government - what they want is to loot and plunder at home. They don't give a flying fugg about any part of the Constitution except that interpretation related to their guns and they want power so they can siphon off the Federal and state taxes and spoils of others. Many are common thieves so They are part of Don the Con's 'deplorables'. Ali Baba and his 40 thieves are rank amateurs to Don the Con and his posse.

They aren't winning shit.

Heads Up -Pres and Mrs Obama arrive at the UN

Speech begins in about fifteen minutes

Holy Shite - GHW Bush says he's voting for Hillary Clinton

according to Politico - on GEM$NBComcast now

So that's why he popped in to the RNC

To tell the 'Kenosha political operative' to warn his Primary opponents they better support him or else.

Coming up on Hayes -ReTHUGs including Don the Con, Christie lying about

the Birther attacks on the President - seriously they are brazen

Americans are not scared out of their wits to the point that they will elect

a chronic habitual LIAR, racist, fascist scumbag who won't release his tax details - it will not happen.

Fuck Don the Con!!!
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