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Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 232,791

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Damn Obama looks fine at the Hispanic caucus gala

live on GEM$NBComcast.

Damn can't wit for the Don the Con blows.

The good newsis that I don't own a Samsung Galaxy let alone a Note 7

Finally a recall.
They're going to be banned on planes, subways and trains. That's the end of that one - welcome back Blackberry, iPhones LG et al.

I know folks who would have died if they didn't have the latest Samsung.

Paul Ryan says Don the Con must release his tax returns

or what...?????

Jeff Masters -Meranti Approaches China Coast After Sweeping Past Taiwan

One of the strongest tropical cyclones in modern weather history, Typhoon Meranti, was approaching the southeast China coast late Wednesday night local time (Wednesday afternoon EDT). As of 16Z (noon EDT), Meranti was located by the Japan Meteorological Agency near 23.8°N, 118.6°E, or about 50 miles southeast of the coastal city of Xiamen in China’s Fujian province. On its steady northwest track at about 12 mph, Meranti should make landfall near or just south of Xiamen at around 4 pm EDT.

Meranti tracked just south of Taiwan’s mountainous south end over the last 24 hours, which disrupted its circulation and put a huge dent in its top sustained winds. You can see the weakening of the typhoon as it passed by Taiwan on this long radar loop from Taiwan compiled by Brian McNoldy. At noon EDT Wednesday, Meranti’s 10-minute average winds were down to 105 mph, according to JMA. The 1-minute average wind used by U.S. agencies is typically around 14% greater than the 10-minute average, so the JMA value would correspond roughly to a 115-mph low-end Category 3 hurricane. Meranti could weaken a bit further before landfall.

In spite of its decline, Meranti retains the potential to produce a major storm surge along the China coast. It takes some time for the huge amounts of water being pushed by a major hurricane or typhoon to subside, even after the storm itself weakens. Two good examples are Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy, both of which produced catastrophic storm surge despite significant weakening of their top winds in the hours before landfall. Meranti’s surge would be worst just to the north of its center, and this part of the storm is aimed at the city of Xiamen (population 3.5 million), one of the world’s 20 busiest ports for container shipping. Because China’s coast is so densely populated, storm surge can threaten huge numbers of people. In 1994, Typhoon Fred struck the province of Zhejiang after weakening from a Category 4 to a Category 1 storm. Fred still managed to produce a top surge of just under 9 feet that affected more than 22 million people, as noted by storm surge expert Hal Needham.

Torrential rains are another serious threat from Meranti across east central China. Widespread 3” - 6” rains can be expected near the typhoon’s track as it moves inland, with localized 10” - 15” amounts quite possible. The heavy rain may extend further north later this week, toward Shanghai, as Meranti’s remnants are swept northward. In 1983, Typhoon Wayne followed a very similar track to Meranti, passing just south of Taiwan and weakening from a Category 4 to Category 1 before landfall several dozen miles south of Xiamen. Coastal and inland flooding linked to Wayne in Fujian and Guangdong provinces led to 105 deaths and the collapse of some 30,000 structures.

I think temperament is my greatest asset

OK let's get that ad up now - clearly he does not know the meaning of that word

The best part of Hillary's medical release yesterday

was the reference to her excellent mental health because Don is Con is a raving lunatic and apparently there is evidence.

Mika, Mika, Mika you forgot that he attacked the Judge who is in charge of the

Trump University fraud case.

Katy Tur has sure taken off the gloves

Damn Read this on Cameron - you have to love the Guardian - he is responsible for said refugees and

So goodbye, David Cameron – Libya is not the only failed state you are responsible for

The charm offensive, the modus operandi, of our last prime minister is being decommissioned. David Cameron’s reputation is being shredded. It is as though he is made of nothing. He disappeared so fast it is hard to remember he was ever really there. For six years, or until he deigned to leave ... until the recklessness of the referendum that is. Now, too, is the recklessness of his foreign policy being exposed: the intervention in Libya with its horrible echoes of Iraq, done again without proper intelligence and soon shifting its goal, from the need to protect civilians in Benghazi, to regime change. Cameron’s aim, it seems, was to pose with Nicolas Sarkozy as a liberator. Never one to miss a photo-op! Libya slid into chaos and civil war. By then, Cameron had, of course, moved on – or as Obama said, become distracted.

There is an argument for saying it was Osborne’s budgets – often cruel, often aimed squarely at women and children – that helped Cameron lose the referendum. We were to be a high wage, low–welfare economy. The reality is a low-wage and low-welfare state. The boast of low unemployment has been achieved through zero-hours contracts and self-employment, which feels deeply insecure. The IMF repeatedly issued warnings over the imposition of such austerity, but Cameron chillaxed his way through it.

Still, he and his besties are what they are: posh boys who, despite having very little experience of life, believe they can order the lives of others. Arrogance does not quite cover such an attitude, which leads them to maintain they know more about schools than teachers, more about hospitals than doctors, more about the economy than the IMF. This isn’t managerialism, it is narcissism.

Ordinary folk have paid a high price for Cameron’s consistent self-belief. Some even mistook it for strategy. He was heir to Blair in this self-conviction, but lacked any actual vision. His was the shiny veneer that hid the ruthlessness of what his ministers were doing. The Lib Dems were picked off easily enough. But he could not see off sections of his party.

His refusal to see that “reducing the deficit” was hammering the public sector too hard, his refusal to tackle abuse of the tax system, of being intensely relaxed about unaffordable house prices, the ongoing lack of investment in public provision, these were choices he made for others suffer the consequences. What did he mean when he talked airily of “social justice”? Again, nothing. Pig-gate did not do for him, perhaps because it was not real. He had already done way worse things to the entire country right before our eyes.

The best story on the Internet - No Surrender with the Boss

Standing in front of 50,000 people didn't faze Matthew Aucoin much. But playing next to Bruce Springsteen onstage? Now, that's a different story!

The 19-year-old from Spring, Texas, has been to 13 Springsteen concerts, but had never seen the Boss play near his hometown in New Jersey. So, the Texas A&M University sophomore and his dad, Pat Aucoin, traveled up to Philadelphia to watch the "Born in the U.S.A." singer rock out from the mosh pit Friday night.

"My dad got me into his music when I was younger and now I'm the one dragging him to shows!" Aucoin told TODAY.

Naked Don the Con also shows up in south Florida

today - Wynwood

Showing every detail big and small (said the reader).

They took it down because it's creating traffic problems - so they say

Oh it will appear on another part of the property - add
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