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Member since: Mon Nov 1, 2004, 07:12 AM
Number of posts: 2,323

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WTF? Here's a strange bug.

I was posting in this thread:


I hit post and it took me to this page:

So I hit back and looked all over the page to see if I hit a link by accident, couldn't find one and hit post again.

Of course it double posted.

How could this happen?

I want my mods back! The more I participate in juries

and hear the egregrious stories the more I want my mods back.

Bigoted, sexist, homophobic and call out posts are allowed to remain. Flamebait threads burn down the board.

We are supposed to judge these posts by Community standards but there don't seem to be any. And how can you make a jury member adhere to those standands?

If I EVER complained about mods before I grovel in apology.

Ps. ALso spell check and unrec too, please.

Why I always add an explanation if I am on jury duty.

I think it important for both the post owner and the alerter to know the reasoning behind my decision. I feel it gives the opportunity for growth and I also feel that I am taking responsibility for my decision. If I articulate my decision, I know I have actually thought it out.

You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

DU Home Latest Threads Error


Clicking into Latest threads

I finally got to see what I shouldn't be seeing!!!

Is there a club?

For those who want/miss the unrec and just for giggles.

If an OP is really pissing me off, I REC it. Then I get the glorious satisfaction of hitting the UNDO button!

Not really the same but a fun little game that relieves some stress.

I would like the unrec back, btw.

Could we get the drop Menu Back?

The one that was at the bottom of every thread? It would make navigating this site much easier for those of us on dial up. If I want to go to another forum, I have to surf back to a page that has the the list of main forums and then click from there. A drop menu would be greatly apprciated.

To the Admins: Could we have daily update, Please?

Most of the the threads here in Meta seem to being answered by other members who aren't in the know.

What fixes are in the works currently?

I know my biggest concern is getting the ignore function back as it was on DUToo. It doen't feel safe here without it.

What about the spell check? My old browser doen't have that option.

Anything else in the works?

It doesn't even have to be a thread that can be posted on, just a daily statement.

Defaults in Latest Threads

Is there a way to lock in preferences in Latest threads instead of the defaults? I have to choose my preferences each time I go to that forum. Frustrating and a waste of my time.
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