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Member since: Mon Nov 8, 2004, 10:31 AM
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Any of you watch Bones? I don't but TV Line has a blind item spoiler about a co lead looking like they are dead in midseason finale with a question mark on whether death sticks because of conflicting reports.

Fantasy show I watch has character who we know is at risk but whom 99.9 percent of fans believe will be coming back because EP's have alluded to his character in second half of season.

But now this BI has me wondering if something has changed. To rule him out I am trying to find other shows that could fit it. One thing I think was clue was Granny's Pearls?

So does anyone know if Booth gave Bones his grandmother's pearls at any point?

Television Question Bones

Does anyone watch Bones? I don't but am trying to narrow done a blind item given by a TV news site. Did Booth ever give Bones his grandmother's pearls or does she have her grandmother's or something?
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