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Rep. senators Johnson & Grassley asked the DOJ today to look into links bet. Ukrainian gov & Clinton

Republican senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley asked the DOJ today to look into links between the Ukrainian government and Hillary's 2016 campaign.


Top GOP senators ask DOJ to investigate Clinton and Ukraine

Republican Sens. Ron Johnson (Wis.) and Chuck Grassley (Iowa) asked the Justice Department Monday to look into links between the Ukrainian government and Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.

The state of play: As President Trump is facing an impeachment threat over his own Ukraine controversy, Senate Republicans are attempting to turn the tables on Democrats in order to change the narrative.

The backdrop: In 2017, Politico reported Ukraine had sought to boost Clinton in the 2016 election, providing opposition research on Trump and leaking documents linking former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort to Russian corruption — on a less concerted and organized scale than Russian efforts during the election.

Grassley, the chair of the Senate Finance Committee, and Johnson, the chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, wrote in a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr that they had "concerns about foreign assistance in the 2016 election that have not been thoroughly addressed."

Worth noting: The allegations that Grassley and Johnson put forth — though linked to Ukraine — have no connection to the controversy that Trump is currently facing.

Link: https://www.axios.com/senate-republicans-ukraine-hillary-clinton-2016-election-be525f71-ade4-4383-aae0-b9b3c646a0fc.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=organic&utm_content=1100


Attorney General Barr personally asked foreign officials to aid inquiry into CIA, FBI activities in

Attorney General Barr personally asked foreign officials to aid inquiry into CIA, FBI activities in 2016

Attorney General William P. Barr has held private meetings overseas with foreign intelligence officials seeking their help in a Justice Department inquiry that President Trump hopes will discredit U.S. intelligence agencies’ examination of Russian interference in the 2016 election, according to people familiar with the matter.

Barr’s personal involvement is likely to stoke further criticism from Democrats pursuing impeachment that he is helping the Trump administration use executive branch powers to augment investigations aimed primarily at the president’s adversaries.

But the high level Justice Department focus on intelligence operatives’ conduct will likely cheer Trump and other conservatives for whom “investigate the investigators” has become a rallying cry.

The direct involvement of the nation’s top law enforcement official shows the priority Barr places on the investigation being conducted by John Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut, who has been assigned the sensitive task of reviewing U.S. intelligence work surrounding the 2016 election and its aftermath.

More: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/attorney-general-barr-personally-asked-foreign-officials-to-aid-inquiry-into-cia-fbi-activities-in-2016/2019/09/30/d50cd5c4-e3a5-11e9-b403-f738899982d2_story.html

Reminder: Rudy is a mobster. Ya'll know that, right?

Look at the 3nd name on the document w/ date Oct 14

Click the first tweet and go to the twitter thread for access to all the photos and info.

Donald Trump is literally tweeting out Russian propaganda (civil war)


It's a good time to review what happened w/MBS, Kushner & Trump:

Greg Olear

Author of "DirtyRubles: An Introduction to Trump/Russia" (2018).


In Death, Khashoggi Exposes the Corruption of Kushner and Trump

There’s a word for what may be going on here: espionage

... snip

With respect to the assassination, Trump and Kushner both have skin in the game. Saudi Arabia was the first state visit Trump made as president, a trip organized and pushed for by Kushner, who is chummy with MbS and has acted as the de facto ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Khashoggi was not banned from Saudi media for his criticisms of MbS, but rather for his criticisms of Donald Trump. More importantly, U.S. intelligence knew of a plan to lure Khashoggi back to arrest him, so the president and the de facto ambassador to Saudi Arabia must have also known. If they knew and did not share the information with Khashoggi, they are liable. Per the Washington Post:

Intelligence agencies have a ‘duty to warn’ people who might be kidnapped, seriously injured or killed, according to a directive signed in 2015. The obligation applies regardless of whether the person is a U.S. citizen. Khashoggi was a U.S. resident.

Why exactly are Trump and Kushner going to the mat for MbS? Is it to advance U.S. interests—or their own?

Last October, Jared Kushner paid an unannounced visit to Riyadh, where it’s reported that he stayed up until the wee hours talking “strategy” with the crown prince, apparently his new BFF. He allegedly gave MbS an “enemies list” culled from the classified president’s daily brief, which MbS seems to have used the following month to purge disloyal relatives from government and take their money. Also last October, Kushner’s company received a $57 million loan from Fortress Investment Group, which was recently purchased by SoftFund, a Saudi investment concern, to bail out its troubled property at One Journal Square in Jersey City. (A larger and more widely-reported loan, to bail out the troubled property at 666 Fifth Avenue, came the following summer, via Qatar.)

There is a term for the exchange of U.S. intelligence — or, worse, policy — for money. The term is espionage. It is punishable by death.

“For the record, I have no financial interests in Saudi Arabia,” Trump tweeted. “Any suggestion that I have is just more FAKE NEWS (of which there is plenty)!” This is skirting the truth at best, and at worst, it’s an outright lie, as the Washington Post reported.

Trump famously demands loyalty from his subordinates. But is he loyal to his country—or only himself? The American people need to know.

More: https://medium.com/s/story/in-death-khashoggi-exposes-the-corruption-of-kushner-and-trump-236c85e659aa

New from WP: Info on Trump meeting w/ Russian officials in Oval Office (more cover up)

Trump told Russian officials in 2017 he wasn’t concerned about Moscow’s interference in U.S. election

President Trump told two senior Russian officials in a 2017 Oval Office meeting that he was unconcerned about Moscow’s interference in the U.S. election because the United States did the same in other countries, an assertion that prompted alarmed White House officials to limit access to the remarks to an unusually small number of people, according to three former officials with knowledge of the matter.

The comments, which have not been previously reported, were part of a now-infamous meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, in which Trump revealed highly classified information that exposed a source of intelligence on the Islamic State. He also said during the meeting that firing FBI Director James B. Comey the day before had relieved “great pressure” on him.

A memorandum summarizing the meeting was limited to all but a few officials with the highest security clearances in an attempt to keep the president’s comments from being disclosed publicly, according to the former officials, who requested anonymity to discuss sensitive matters.

The White House’s classification of records about Trump’s communications with foreign officials is now a central part of the impeachment inquiry launched this week by House Democrats. An intelligence community whistleblower has alleged that the White House placed a record of Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president, in which he offered U.S. assistance investigating his political opponents, into a code-word classified system reserved for the most sensitive intelligence information.

The White House did not provide a comment Friday.

More: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/trump-told-russian-officials-in-2017-he-wasnt-concerned-about-moscows-interference-in-us-election/2019/09/27/b20a8bc8-e159-11e9-b199-f638bf2c340f_story.html

NYT: Whistle-Blower Is a C.I.A. Officer Who Was Detailed to the White House

Whistle-Blower Is a C.I.A. Officer Who Was Detailed to the White House

His complaint suggested he was an analyst by training with an understanding of Ukrainian politics.

WASHINGTON — The whistle-blower who revealed that President Trump sought foreign help for his re-election and that the White House sought to cover it up is a C.I.A. officer who was detailed to work at the White House at one point, according to three people familiar with his identity.

The man has since returned to the C.I.A., the people said. Little else is known about him. His complaint made public Thursday suggested he was an analyst by training and made clear he was steeped in details of American foreign policy toward Europe, demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of Ukrainian politics and at least some knowledge of the law.

The whistle-blower’s expertise will likely add to lawmakers’ confidence about the merits of his complaint, and tamp down allegations that he might have misunderstood what he learned about Mr. Trump. He did not listen directly to a July call between Mr. Trump and President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine that is at the center of the political firestorm over the president’s mixing of diplomacy with personal political gain.

Lawyers for the whistle-blower refused to confirm that he worked for the C.I.A. and said that publishing information about him was dangerous.

More: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/26/us/politics/who-is-whistleblower.html

Woah. WH officials told the WB "this was 'not the first time' under this admin that a transcript

Woah. White House officials told the WB “this was ‘not the first time’ under this admin that a presidential transcript was placed into this code-word level system solely for the purpose of protecting politically sensitive—rather than national security sensitive—information.”


And the walls came crumbling down.

Trump was looking for a pretext & political cover to pardon Manafort: The Ukraine Scheme

Trump, Giuliani, and Manafort: The Ukraine Scheme

The effort by President Trump to pressure the government of Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son had its origins in an earlier endeavor to obtain information that might provide a pretext and political cover for the president to pardon his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, according to previously undisclosed records.

These records indicate that attorneys representing Trump and Manafort respectively had at least nine conversations relating to this effort, beginning in the early days of the Trump administration, and lasting until as recently as May of this year. Through these deliberations carried on by his attorneys, Manafort exhorted the White House to press Ukrainian officials to investigate and discredit individuals, both in the US and in Ukraine, who he believed had published damning information about his political consulting work in the Ukraine. A person who participated in the joint defense agreement between President Trump and others under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, including Manafort, allowed me to review extensive handwritten notes that memorialized conversations relating to Manafort and Ukraine between Manafort’s and Trump’s legal teams, including Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

... snip

New information in this story suggests that these two, seemingly unrelated scandals, in which the House will judge whether the president’s conduct in each case constituted extra-legal and extra-constitutional abuses of presidential power, are in fact inextricably linked: the Ukrainian initiative appears to have begun in service of formulating a rationale by which the president could pardon Manafort, as part of an effort to undermine the special counsel’s investigation.

... snip

The records I have reviewed also indicate that on at least three occasions, Rudy Giuliani was in communication with Manafort’s legal team to discuss how the White House was pushing a narrative that the Democratic National Committee, Democratic donors, and Ukrainian government officials had “colluded” to defeat Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential bid. (This story has since been debunked as baseless, though that has not prevented Trump, Giuliani, and other surrogates in conservative media from repeatedly pushing the story.)

In particular, the records show that Manafort’s camp provided Giuliani with information designed to smear two people: one was a Ukrainian journalist and political activist named Serhiy Leshchenko, whom Manafort believed, correctly, of helping to uncover Manafort’s secret payments from Yanukovych; another was Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American political consultant and US citizen, whom Manafort suspected, mistakenly in this case, was also behind the exposé. The records also show that Giuliani and attorneys for Manafort exchanged information about the then US ambassador to the Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, who Giuliani believed had attempted to undercut his covert Ukrainian diplomacy and fact-finding; the records are unclear as to whether it was Giuliani or Manafort’s attorney who first initiated their discussion about her.

More: https://www.nybooks.com/daily/2019/09/25/trump-giuliani-and-manafort-the-ukraine-scheme/


Trump's extortion of Ukraine isn't about Biden. It's about Donbas. This is Trump dealing for Putin!

HOLY SHIT. Trump’s extortion of Ukraine isn’t about Biden. It’s about Donbas. Ukraine pulled its troops, ceding it to Russia; then Trump released the aid. The Biden thing is a red herring. This is Trump dealing for Putin!

With the new Ukrainian president suddenly withdrawing his troops from eastern Ukraine & Putin reinforcing his troops there, the deal our tax dollars ( Trump’s so-called “military aid” ) funded is complete. That’s called a quid pro quo w/ extortion, treason & other felonies.

Russia sent another resupply convoy to its army invading Ukraine in Donbas. It's the 84th such delivery of matériel since Putin's War began in 2014. The Russians again disguised the convoy as "humanitarian aid" but the trucks were not inspected by any competent authority.



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