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Raine1967's Journal
Raine1967's Journal
October 17, 2014

Chuck Todd is having a Q&A on Facebook, and it is brutal….


XXXX XXXXX: Will Dr. Scarborough be on the panel to explain ebola to us?
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Chuck Todd I have two ACTUAL doctors this week.

Chuck; How can you explain the difference of being a Journalist and a shill for the Republican Party?
You don't investigate or even Mention (within a whole segment) GOP Voter Discrimination or the Sequester to Blocking everything Obama wants.
How can you explain this and your lack of reporting?
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Chuck Todd Why didn't you ask me when I stopped beating my wife? Come on. Ask a serious question and I'll give you a serious answer. There's always more nuance to the facts that partisans, left and right, want to admit

Two part question Chuck. What is the most important issue in the KY Senate race for the voters? Since you've disqualified Ms. Grimes over not disclosing who she voted for I would assume that this would be the most important issue for voters to weigh when deciding who to vote for on November 4th and if that's the case do you realize how much of a$$ clown that makes you look like to the rest of America?
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Chuck Todd I understand you have to be mad at someone, so why not a member of the press. That's why God invented social media.

This was my fave:

Do you think the results of the midterms will affect who's planning on running for president in 2016?
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Chuck Todd Actually I do. All on the GOP side of things. Obviously, there's Scott Walker who if he loses, no longer is a viable 2016er. Then there's Jeb Bush. I've long assumed he is not running. BUT, if Republicans do NOT win the Senate, I think an intra-party bloodbath is going to take place. And under THAT scenario, I could picture Jeb deciding he could run with his stances that some conservatives hate (including Common Core and immigration) because the party will be in a MAJOR debate anyway. And Jeb would want to represent the more pragmatic wing of the GOP.

Chuck Todd But my hunch is that Jeb ends up not running... But the only chance he might is if the GOP is in a total intra-party spat.
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And then it seems to have ended.

He's a hack, I know we all knew that, but this was a sorta epic fail on his part.

October 15, 2014

If Ms. Clinton is the nominee I will vote for her.

However… I really want to say this: I want a primary election.

I want competition. I want choice. I want exactly that come 2015. One caveat: I want ALL of that AFTER this midterm election cycle.

Right now, the midterms are more important to me right now than 2016. Local elections are important. Senate, House and Gubernatorial elections really matter.

Right now, Tuesday, November 4, 2014 is far more important to me than Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

Ms. Clinton can wait a few more weeks. We need to not be concerned about her right now and get busy getting the vote out. I know I am.

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