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Member since: Fri Nov 12, 2004, 12:48 PM
Number of posts: 11,548

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I have gone from Undecided to:

The #KHive

I've struggled with making this announcement here and on FB and twitter as we have so many great candidates.

For me, she combines brutal honesty with policy papers that I feel can be legislated.

It's a sad state of affairs that I feel like I need to say that this is NOT a knock on other D candidates.

I will vote Blue in the general. I will not knock or candidates but will say that some people need not be in this race.

Tonight, for now, I am NOT looking at Bloomberg.

Overall, I am not willing to tolerate any candidate that attacks Clinton or Obama.

How to be subversive. AKA: How to Recycling garbage and support the USPS!

I'm a witness to what my husband posted on FB. I am sharing it here because I think DU will like it.

Last weekend, one of our neighbors had a party (they tend to - a lot) and several of their guests parked in front of our house. The next morning, we saw that one of them had dumped some trash from their car on our front yard. We were pretty pissed.

We were busy this week, and didn't do anything about it. Today, I noticed there was a bill in there with their address.

So - I boxed up the trash and mailed it to them. Sure, that's 7 bucks and change out of my pocket, but I would just love to be there when they open it up.

What he failed to mention in that post was that the return address was the house that hosted the party.

Not gonna lie, I love giving hearts.

I wish people knew me a little more on DU so they knew why I gave them.

Happy Valentine day.
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