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Member since: Fri Nov 19, 2004, 01:38 PM
Number of posts: 1,345

Journal Archives

Meet the Press and Face the Nation both started with DEMs

Podesta and Kaine

Fareed Zakaria on CNN. sorry put the wrong name in

doing polling talk now.

Trump seems like he has gained alot of weight

Mr. Piggy.

I am not like this. I usually don't talk like this but orangeboy has pushed me to the edge.

A tweet from a republican blogger

eff Gauvin Retweeted
Patrick Ruffini ‏@PatrickRuffini 15m15 minutes ago
What I think will happen, as of now:

I tried to copy map picture but did not work
here is the tweet.


Makes me feel better

latest 538 state polls


Joy Reid up with FBI and Cummings on right now

msm saying Trump has momentum....but I don't think this is true

Is this just a lie? What am I missing? Seems like HRC numbers are rebounding.

Obama up in N. Carolina right now on msnbc

Christie just send his guys to jail for years

What a f....ing.....a hole.... I can't tell you about how much he makes me angry.

Why can't they arrest him?

yeck. Hugh Hewitt on now.

horrible guy
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