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Member since: Sat Nov 20, 2004, 02:55 PM
Number of posts: 8,976

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How to be a lying sack of shit...

Just post this in a protected group where Sanders supporters are accused of being liars. This was in response to a call for Clinton donations.

" I'm maxed out too but

I'm getting donations from my republican neighbors (I am surrounded by them) by saying, "if Bernie gets in, you'll be paying 90% in taxes so make sure Clinton wins" hahahahahahaha"

And if this costs me a hide then this board is worthless. This may be the most unethical post I have ever seen, plus the poster came back on amnesty and carries 10 hides...

What the Finch said:

"Courage is not a man with a gun in his hand. It's knowing you're licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do." - Atticus Finch/Harper Lee

I sense a new meme coming...

I started a gun thread

I think it is really about Vietnam and maybe what you would call democrats who do guns.


Can I have a gun or two without hoping to oppose the government?

Could I just have them to protect myself under color of law? I have several which is a right as established in the constitution as the right to vote. When people who were my friends were being killed in southeast Asian jungles you liked the idea that I carried what you now call an automatic weapon. Now 45 years later I carry a gun that in those years would be a joke.Can a crippled old man carry an instrument of death??? You let me do it before I was twenty-In fact if I refused you would have jailed me. You're hypocrisy is endless. My guns were what-OK when pointed away, but an assault when my judgement is directed toward defending myself???

I am every 60 year old Vietnam Vet You dislike. Our asses hung out and our contemporaries got killed. I will tell you no stories but your gunphobia is total bullshit until no 18 year old stands in a fucking country not of his birth with a weapon that would make you nervous.

That is my answer to anyone "against" guns-It matters when you have the fucking balls to tell your government that they cannot put a better weapon than I have in the hands of an 18 year old.

More Lies....

Clinton explained "While the Reagan's were strong advocates for stem cell research and finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease..."-which is ALSO a lie. Ronald Reagan was never an advocate for stem cell research and Nancy reagan first publicly supported it in 2004...


But the polls had Custer up by double digits...

Where did all the Indians come from???"

A Great Big "F U" to the Sanders supporters...

That was the message delivered by ex-president Bill Clinton today as he electioneered in multiple polling places in Massachusetts today. Don't mistake it for anything else-if his appearance in those few locations could have guaranteed every vote in the building went to Hillary it wouldn't have added even one more delegate. Don't think it was a mistake-the man is a Yale educated Rhodes scholar with decades of experience in politics and election law.

It was entirely about revenge and a display of power-the Big Dog was marking his territory and daring you to challenge him. In a nation of laws he would be making bail, but as it exists he's probably making jokes and you are the butt of those jokes. He broke the law on camera without a moment of concern.

Just remember that this is the way of his people...and his people are the ruling class.

Every time I see a post that starts...

"XYZ is not a legitimate (source, site, poll)", I think of an old joke with the punchline "Sheep lie!"...

Veterans meet at local cafe to discuss Hillary Clinton’s plan for military families

It's just plain old sad....and a poor example of supposed journalism. You would think in a meeting of veterans someone would correct the notion that CVN68, the USS Nimitz is "one of the largest battleships in the world". And the veterans are "packed in" because of the (miniscule) size of the venue...

Anyhow take a look at the links for photos of a "Veterans for Hillary" meet-up...


Why the next Supreme Court Justice must be a liberal

During his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court in 2005, John Roberts assured senators that his job as a judge was merely "to call balls and strikes." It was a familiar, homey allusion, deliberately designed to suggest that ideology didn't — or anyway, shouldn't — play a role in deciding cases. He would be interpreting the plain meaning of the law, not making up his own.

But as fond as conservatives are of this kind of imagery, it's mostly a myth. Recently the Constitutional Accountability Center took a look at Supreme Court rulings during the Roberts era, but instead of looking at hot button social issues they looked at the kinds of rulings that, although they get less attention, actually take up the bulk of the court's time: those involving business and corporate law. The results were pretty startling.

The kinds of regulatory issues involved in these cases are, in the long run, more important than all but the most explosive culture war cases. They include things like Citizens United, which allowed corporations to spend unlimited sums in political campaigns; Ledbetter v. Goodyear, which effectively eliminated the right to sue for race or gender pay discrimination; and Exxon v. Baker, which slashed the damage award in the Exxon Valdez oil spill case by 80%. And those are only the big ones. You can add in hundreds of other, smaller cases that have slowly but steadily chipped away at the right to hold corporations accountable over the past three decades.


More in the link-good read
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